Kylie & Kendall Jenner Dish About Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

The web is all abuzz as Kim Kardashian makes her last minute preparations to wed NBA star Kris Humphries. And though they were away at cheer camp, Kendall and Kylie Jenner still kept abreast of everything leading up to the big day.

Amidst all of the chaos (and cheering), the two youngest members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan took some time to chat with Access Hollywood about big sis Kim’s upcoming nuptials. But of course, they made sure not to give too much away.

“[It’s] crazy,” Kendall tells Access. “[There is] non stop talk about the wedding at my house.”

Though the teens are serving as bridesmaids for the ceremony, they claim to not know much more than that; even when it comes to what they’ll be wearing.

“She does [the choosing] for us,” Kylie says of Kim. “It’s cool to be all matching. Like, if I was a bride, I’d want to pick my own [bridesmaids dresses] so everyone is matching.”

As for their brother-in-law-to-be, both girls agree that Humphries fits in quite well with the family.

“We love him,” says Kendall, adding, “He’s a jokester, he’s funny… He’s like a little kid sometimes — like a big kid.”

“We have a very brother sister relationship,” adds Kylie. “It’s cool, I really like him. No one ever had a problem with him. It’s really cool.”

The Kardashian-Humphries wedding will take place on Saturday, August 20th. But in case you didn’t get your invite, you can catch all the hoopla during E!’s two-day special airing Sunday, October 9 at 8|7c and continuing on Monday, October 10 at 9|8c. No RSVP needed.

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  1. These two lovely young ladies deserve every bit of attention they are receiving, unlike their equally lovely sisters. The Jenner name is a good one, I actually feel a twinge of envy knowing they are progeny of an Olympic gold medal winner, not to mention Mr. Jenner’s other accomplishments. The sky is the limit for these two girls and I can only hope their father guides them wisely through their teen years, as we all know their mother is so unlikely to do that. Let these girls be taught the value of a good education and receive one so they aren’t valued and dependent on their looks like so many other females in their family.

  2. “Ondine” , that’s all well and good but as I’ve watched on an episode of KUWTK, these two “lovely young ladies” are quite the pair. They stole their fathers credit card and freely went shopping, they are picky eaters ordering seperate meals at home with their chef/cook, they have bad table manners, texting during dinner. And lets not forget who they get to look up to, the older siblings who include my least favorite Chloe, who got married after 30 days of knowing the guy. So, as you mention, I hope they do get taught values from their father since for the rest of the clan, its to late

  3. Hey, they’re in the midst of their teenage years, and ofcourse all teenagers have these “bad habits” or crazy things going on. Considering the fame and fortune they have for such young ages, I mean, how can you handle that? Let them have fun. Plus, they earn more than some of us do, considering their young ages. Just let them be.

  4. @Anonymous I really think u were off base at some point,because sincerely, u jus judged khloe cus she got married 30days after meeting the guy of her dreams,my question is,why take 30yrs to get married to someone u knw u r menta be wv,wen u can do it in just 30 days, by d way,aren’t dey still together? Kourtney n scott that has been together for yrs! Havnt gotten around to tyin d knots, so time aint really d issue! And as for the girls (kylie & kendall) all I wish for ’em is d best, evryone has got flaws,and I’m glad despite their flaws dey r makin der money n stayin pretty n smart!

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