Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie’s “Wicked” Crew

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie celebrated their son Maddox’s 10th birthday by taking him and his siblings Pax, 7, Zahara, 6, and Shiloh, 5, to catch a performance of the musical Wicked at London’s Victoria Theatre today (August 6). Three-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox sat this show out.

The kids seemed in happy spirits as they burst out of the theater with their parents, Shiloh clutching a favorite stuffed monkey in one hand and her holding tight to her mom with the other.

We’ve been seeing a lot of Brangelina and the kids since they relocated to the UK earlier this summer. They’ve taken up temporary residence there while Brad works on his latest film World War Z.

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Maddox, 10 years old, has it been that long…You are one of the luckiest boy in the world

  2. I was passing by there yesterday!!! And i saw some pls staring but i was too busy listening to music as i’m used to ppl staring at things round here. I wish I wasn’t tho, because i might have seen the Jolie-Potts then! lol And still, i must have have been so close to them!!!!!

  3. “Shiloh clutching a favorite stuffed monkey in one hand and her holding tight to her mom with the other.”

    I guess we get this special comment only about Shiloh, because the other children are adopted. What were the other’s doing? After all, it was Maddox’s birthday.

    • Don’t be silly. There wasn’t much to say (seeing as they’re just walking to the car) so they threw that in to make the article longer.

  4. I think it sweet that Mad still holds mom’s hand, at that age kids start to get embarrassing by thing like that especially in public they must have a really close relationship.

    My son is like mom your embarrassing I’m not a baby …LOL they grow up so fast.

  5. I also thought it strange to comment on Shiloh holding Angelina’s hand,only.Pax is holding Dad’s hand and guess what?Maddox is also holding Mom’s hand.Why not mention this?

  6. I think it was mentioned because of the articles that have been circulating about her liking all of her kids but giving no attention to Shiloh. More of a “See? Clearly she loves her…”

  7. This isn’t the most appropriate shows for kids under 10. I’ve seen it twice and I did see kids younger than that and it’s only recommened that kids over 8…but still I think it’s intense for some kids. I had read that the dragon, flying monkeys and when the wizards head makes an appearance that small children would get scared.

    I’m went to see it with girlfriends but we’re over the age of 18 and not moms I don’t know what we’d decide – whether to bring a younger child or not. Since they have 5 yrs and up…maybe Mary Poppins would have been a better choice and save this show when they can ALL see it?

    What do you guys think?

    • Their parents are actors they played with blood on the set when she made Salt , they visited Brad on the set of A zombie movie. I don’t think flying monkeys have the same effect on kids who have grown up on movie sets JMO

  8. What a beautiful family! Love to see that Mad isn´t ashamed of holding mum´s hand although he´s now 10. Shi obviously is mum´s little girl while Zee is all daddy´s little girl. Also love the way Pax is running freely towards the waiting car. He really is enjoying the freedom he nowadays has. Missing the twins but they obviously are too young to sit still for a long time. As far as “Angie does not love Shiloh” thing is concerned it´s all BS. These pics prove that Shi is just as dear to her mum as her adopted siblings or Knox and Viv.

  9. Ha, the Jolie-Pitts use a minivan like every other large family. Nice. One thing I’ve always wondered: the three older kids are adopted, the three younger kids are not. I hope there isn’t animosity among the sibs when they get older for that reason.

  10. Why be so concerned about adopted and biological kids accepting each other? Many natural siblings can not get on, they are too different in some ways. They look happy, they are very young, do not fret about what might be in their future. I have my own to be concerned about, there are many things going on, like the recent riots, i do not worry about a few years from now. It is the present which matters, how things are today. It is good to see them together having fun, that is how i am with my family.

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