Victoria Beckham Tweets New Photo of Baby Harper


Happy mom Victoria Beckham took to Twitter this morning to post this new picture of her almost 1-month-old daughter Harper Seven sharing a sweet moment with her dad David Beckham.

“I took this beautiful picture and wanted to share it with you, baby Harper cuddling Daddy! x VB,” wrote the designer mama.

This isn’t our first glimpse of the Beckhams’ adorable girl – both proud parents shared photos online with friends and fans in the days after her July 10th birth.

David and Victoria are also parents to boys Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz, who mom says are already great big brothers to their new sister.

“We all feel so blessed and the boys love their baby sister so much!!!” she wrote last month.


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  1. She’s SO SO cute!! She’s definitely got Victoria’s nose and the same chin as her brothers. She might have Victoria’s eyes too, because she looks more like Brooklyn as a baby (Cruz and Romeo have David’s eyes)

    • I agree, and they do it with taste and moderation unlike some celebrities that use twitter with overkill. Very sweet photo of Harper and very sweet of the Beckhams to share.

  2. aww how precious is that photo baby harper reminds me of a cross between mama Victoria and Natasha Richardson when she was a baby

  3. Such a pretty little baby!!! Shes gorgeous 🙂 David looks so happy, his precious little Harper 🙂 I could look at her eyes for ages!!!

  4. In the last few days I’ve seen at least 3 sets of photos of David Beckham on outings with his boys. The man is an amazing dad. He’s not alone in being a great dad who happens to be a celebrity, but he is high up on the list. I love how he is never hanging out with the big boys but is always out and about with his lil boys. Same with Brad, Ben Afleck, Matt, Gavin Rossdale, Mark Walberg and a few others. You never see them with anyone but their families. They are true family first men and it’s just nice to see.

  5. That’s one well loved baby I can only imagine what it is going to be like when she starts to date she will have her Dad and brothers surrounding her.

  6. Aw, Harper! She’s so adorable! I love black and white photos, and daddy-daughter photos, so this shot is just gorgeous 🙂

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