Report: Daisy Fuentes & Luis Miguel Expecting Baby

Singer Luis Miguel, 41, and model/TV host Daisy Fuentes, 44, are expecting a child, reports.

The baby would be Daisy’s first child. Luis is already dad to sons Daniel, 3, and Miguel, 4, with ex-wife, singer/actress Aracely Arámbula. Mexican actress Stephanie Salas also claims that he is the father of her 21-year-old daughter Michelle, but he has not recognized her as his daughter.

Daisy and “El sol de Mexico” dated in 1995, broke up and rekindled their relationship last year.

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  1. That’s the girl from the worst season of America’s Funniest Home videos, right?

    Anyway, congratulations to them if this is true!

  2. I hate that guy.. He has been stuck up since he was a kid… And never grew out of it. Good for her but he probably wont marry her. She just wanted to have a baby at her age.. Congrats to her but she should have found a decent man to have a baby with…

  3. Michelle looked exactly like a young Luis Miguel when she was little. Everyone knew that Michelle was his daughter, but for the longest time Stephanie couldn’t say so because his father though it would ruin his career.

    I feel bad for Daisy’s child, why would Daisy get back with Luis Miguel knowing what a womanizer he is?

  4. Oh my God, I cant believe this!!!! Are they dating? what the heck is going on that I dont know? Last thing I know Luis Miguel has 2 kids from his last marriage, and now shes pregnant with his kid? SOMEONE UPDATE ME!

    ** Off to GOOGLE!

  5. @lilkunta shut up Daisy isn’t the first celeb to have a child or their first & only child @44 Katherine Ross had her only daughter Cleo Rose at 44 in 1984. maybe luis is against adoption

  6. is funny how women (like her) are so damn stupid to have kids with duchbags like him .
    he isn’t a good father figure to the kids that he already has , what in the world makes her think that he will be a good father to their baby ?

    poor baby

  7. Has anyone thought that maybe she just used him as a sperm donor. She is more then capable of caring and supporting this child herself. Luis Miguel is not a responsible father for any one of his children, why is he going to start now.

    • Does anyone think these days that having a father in your life is still important, as well as having a mother? Everything isn’t about money.

  8. I was thinking he was a sperm donor as well. He definitely has great genes. As far as him being a great father and role model for the child, only time will tell. It looks really bad for him not to have NOT claimed his eldest child and most women would consider that a deal-breaker, I know I would.

    • that Stephanie Salas lady is a bum i’m not going to call her ugly but she’s average looking, very plain so she can’t live off her looks plus is a starving actress not at all successful in her country. He must of been embarrassed if anything by that whole ordeal considering his taste in women: beautiful-successful he must of been drunk or something clearly she took advantage & got herself pregnant. The daughter is at least presentable looking i give her that (thanks to the dad of course)

      • Stephanie was a teenager when she got pregnant, actually they were BOTH teenagers, around 17 or so, maybe 18 around the time Michelle was bron. Yes, he wtill is a dead beat dad, and he does not seem to be a good father figure for the other 2 boys he has with whatshername Arambula

  9. Well it’s better than going to a sperm bank at least this baby knows who his/her father is. “sperm donor” or not i think Luismi is the only man she ever really loved. When she hit 40 I was sad to see her still single and alone.
    For sure the baby is going to be ubber gorgeous! Diasy is not going to be alone anymore I’m sooo happy for her.

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