Is Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant?

Kim Kardashian will be getting married this weekend, but meanwhile rumors are swirling that sister Kourtney may reveal some big news at the nuptials – a sibling on the way for son Mason, 1-1/2.

Is she or isn’t she? Kourtney took to her blog yesterday (August 18) to answer to all the speculation. “So there have been a lot of people saying lately that I have a baby bump because I have been wearing lots of flowy dresses or tops,” she wrote.

“I have definitely gained a few healthy pounds since I stopped nursing,” she revealed. “But I don’t see a baby bump in these shorts!”

Now that she’s got that out of the way, the doting mom can focus on more important things – like getting little Mason ready for his role as ringbearer at Kim’s wedding. “You know I was telling Kim that I think I am going to have a heart attack,” Kourtney laughed, about her pre-ceremony jitters for her son. “I might be more nervous then Kim!”


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  1. That would’ve been so ironic is she was pregnant, because she was at Khloé’s wedding.

    At least she wouldn’t have been ready to pop this time.

    • No, that would not be irony, it would be coincidence. Why do so many people not know how to use the word “ironic” correctly?

      • because of alanis morrissette? or not, the alanis thing is probably evidence that the problem already existed.

  2. She doesn’t even look pregnant please stop saying that celebrity and their mother is pregnant it old and tiresome not to mention offense I mean How would you like it people started rumors that your pregnant and you’re not just because of bloat, weight gain or have a bit of a stomach.

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