Jennifer Garner & Her American Girls

Alias alum Jennifer Garner went shopping at the American Girl store with her daughters Violet, 5, and Seraphina, 2, on Friday (August 19) in Los Angeles, Calif.

Those pesky pregnancy rumors just aren’t fading away! Jennifer’s rep denied reports in June stating, “The speculation is false, she is not pregnant.”

Do you think Jen and her hunky hubby Ben Affleck are expecting baby No. 3?


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  1. She looks pregnant to me but I don’t mind if she doesn’t want to announce it to the fans and whole world. It’s her private business.. not every celebrity wants or needs to exploit their personal life.

  2. I think that she is pregnant! Hope it is a boy this time for Ben! Seeing her
    On the set with a open button sweater. Wish that she would announce it…

  3. Yes sired she expecting her third child hope it is a boy.See how she is with the girls treating them to the doll shop. Hope we see Ben soon but he is making
    His movie Argo

  4. Thanks so much miss these girls! So Jen is pregnant! Way to show that their love will keep them together.

  5. I love how we’re looking at yet another report that says that poor Jen ISN’T pregnant, and there are all these comments from people who have already decided she IS pregnant. Either you’re all really ignorant, or you know more information about the Garner-Affleck family than they do. I bet I know which one it is.

    So once again! She’s not pregnant. It’s just the shirt. Move on.

    • Do you know her personally? I do not. I have no idea whether or not she’s pregnant. I really don’t care one way or the other but she looks pregnant in these photos.

      • People have thought she looked pregnant in every single photo that has been taken since she gave birth to Seraphina. Apparently no one understands how pregnancy works, in that you get bigger over time. If she were pregnant she would not look exactly the same in ever picture.

  6. I said on this blog at least 3 wks ago she was pregnant and I don’t care what she says, she is (lol, the nerve of me!).

  7. Not particularly fussed either way, however i do agree that in these pics she does look like she *potentially* could be pregnant.
    And i seem to remember with Seraphina she was visibly showing before she announced it.
    Personally, despite appearances, i don’t think she is pregnant…she just seems to wear lots of outfits/tops that are very floaty or loose,and as soon as the wind blows another rumour starts. If/when she does have another baby we’ll find out about it eventually.

  8. Oh please. Just a few days ago I saw photos of her and her stomach was flat as a pancake! It’s the style of the shirt. After three years of saying she’s pregnant it’s time to give it a rest.

  9. Yup, I definitely think she’s pregnant this time. And I’ve said it before, but I’m absolutely convinced now.

    • You’ve also been absolutely convinced every other time you’ve decided she’s been pregnant. Perhaps you might want to read a book about the birds and the bees because you obviously don’t understand how the human body and pregnancy work.

      • Passive aggressive people like you sit on the computer making comments at people that can’t see you, no reason to be so damn rude with your comments. The whole reason there is an option to leave a comment is for people to express their opinion, freedom of speech, ever heard of it?? Pick up a book you obviously don’t understand how the constitution works!

  10. I do not think that the pregnancy speculation is meant to be vindictive, personally I think it shows how much her fans care for and are happy for her!

    • “Vindictive” means showing a desire for revenge. I think the word you want is “mean.”

      In any case, even if you have good intentions, it’s still considered rude. And more importantly, it’s just deeply stupid. How many times does it have to pointed out that she looks EXACTLY THE SAME in ever single picture? Having a bit of a belly or wearing a loose shirt DOES NOT EQUAL PREGNANCY, not when the person always looks the same. If that were true, about 80% of the women in America would be pregnant all the time.

  11. People claiming to know that a complete stranger is pregnant right down to the months are annoying!

    Go look on Getty images and see the pics from today at Disney Expo….she does not look pregnant at all in her tight dress.

    And I don’t buy her happy family image considering Ben is usually absent in her daily photo ops. He only shows up once in a while, otherwise she looks like she is a single mother.

  12. She may be pregnant now, who knows. I think obviously some of us don’t know how to determine a woman’s early stages of pregnancy. Because I looked back as far as March of this year before quitting and someone on almost every post has this woman pregnant. If so she would be as big as a house by now).

  13. For giggles and grins I looked at posts going back to March of this year, and they almost all have someone claiming – nay swearing – she’s pregnant. I thought a pregnancy averaged 36-40 weeks. At some point maybe even now she may be pregnant again, but obviously every puffy shirt or sweater or itty-bitty bloat doesn’s have to mean baby.

  14. Hmm.. so looks like she is preggers after all… really laughed out loud at those comments swearing she wasnt above…

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