Luke Schroder: “My Dad Gave Me Lots Of Good Acting Tips”

Luke Schroder, the lookalike son of child star Rick Schroder, is following in his famous dad’s footsteps! The handsome 18-year-old is starring in his first big role in the film A Mile in His Shoes opposite Dean Cain. He plays a farm boy with Asperger syndrome and a killer fast ball, who joins and changes the fate of a semi-pro baseball team.

Luke opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about joining the family business, growing up with a famous father, and his brother Holden’s dirt bike accident that affected the entire Schroder family-of-six.

CBS: We hear you’re starring in your first big role in the film A Mile in His Shoes. Tell us about the film.

LS: “The film is based on a critically acclaimed book written by Frank Nappi. The story follows my character Mickey, who has Asperger syndrome, and an amazing throwing arm. With the baseball expertise of Mickey’s coach in the movie – “Arthur Murphy” played by Dean Cain – he discovers something he really enjoys. Asperger’s is considered a disability in today’s society, but Mickey proves to be extremely focused, smart, and talented beyond his years.”

CBS: In the film you are playing a farm boy with Asperger syndrome. Tell us how you researched for this role. Was it difficult to play?

LS: “I explored the role by first researching Asperger syndrome from a medical standpoint, and also going to acting class, watching movies, and online videos of other talented athletes with Asperger’s. My favorite professional surfer Clay Marzo actually has Asperger syndrome. It was for sure a challenge to portray someone with the syndrome authentically, but I love challenging myself.”

CBS: Did your dad give you any good acting tips for your first big role?

LS: “My dad gave me a lot of good acting tips, but those secrets stay in the family.”

CBS: Has your dad always encouraged you to enter acting? Has he warned you about the downsides of Tinseltown and fame?

LS: “My dad supports me in everything I do, but entering acting was my choice. He has warned me about the downsides of Hollywood and fame, but I have a good head on my shoulders and I think he realizes that.”

CBS: What was it like for you growing up with a famous father? Was it hard to ‘share’ your dad with the public every time you went out with him?

LS: “Growing up it could be a little weird sometimes, but honestly my dad handles fans really well and I think it’s pretty cool he can make someone’s day by saying ‘hi’ to them.”

CBS: Tell us how your brother, Holden’s, dirt bike accident affected you. Has it been hard to see your brother struggling with a traumatic head injury?

LS: “Yes, it was really hard because he almost died. But he made a full recovery and we hang out every day pretty much. I love my bro.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

LS: “I just got back from a five week trip to Washington working as an assistant cameraman for a reality show about the Army. It was a lot of hard work and I have a great respect for all crew members and their work. Acting is still number one though and I am looking forward to my next opportunity.”


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