Taylor Armstrong’s Daughter To See Mental Health Professional After Father’s Suicide

It’s been a difficult week for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong following the shocking suicide of her estranged husband, Russell.

After attending the Hollywood Hills memorial service on Wednesday (August 24), Armstrong has decided that her 5-year-old daughter, Kennedy, should begin seeing a mental health professional to help her cope with her father’s death.

“Kennedy is only five, she understands that Russell has died – however, she keeps asking for him,” a source tells Radar Online. “Taylor has made the decision that Kennedy should see a mental health professional to deal with the loss of her father.

Taylor’s sole focus right now is taking care of her daughter, and helping her through this very difficult time. Kennedy doesn’t know Russell killed himself, Kennedy is just too young to process the idea of suicide.

“Kennedy will most likely begin therapy sessions in the next week or so,” the insider continues. “Right now, Taylor is just trying to return to a normal routine for Kennedy’s sake.”

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  1. My thoughts of Taylor’s parenting/life aside, I truly hope the best for Kennedy and that she is able to work through her feelings and changes in her life without more trauma than is inevitable with the loss of a parent. It’s hard at any age, but I can’t even imagine the thought of losing my father at 5. My father committed suicide when I was 22 and even as an adult it left me in pieces. I hope she can grieve and grow and still have a happy childhood. I hope Taylor is able to focus on the most important thing here…her daughter, not herself.

    • That little girl has bigger problems than her father’s suicide, and that’s saying something.

      She’s got a mother who clearly has an eating disorder; who married an abusive man and stuck with him over and over again; who somehow thought it would be a good idea to open their lives to the entire world; who spends her money on ridiculous parties that her daughter doesn’t want; who has plastic surgery that makes her look like a caricature; who publicly lies about such ridiculous things as who her daughter’s godmother is.

      Her father is the least of her problems.

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