What Do Apple & Moses Martin Call Grandmother Blythe Danner?

When your grandchildren’s names are Apple and Moses, you can’t just go by “Grandma” or “Nana.”

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Blythe Danner reveals the unique nickname given to her by her first grandchild, Apple Martin, that’s seemed to stick for the past 7 years.

“They call me ‘Lalo,’ (lah-lo)” Danner tells Kit Hoover and guest co-host Arsenio Hall. “Apple actually named me that.

I had all these names picked out,” the actress recalls. “I love dogs, so I was going to have them call me ‘Woof.’ That didn’t take.”

So how did Apple come up with Lalo?

“I was sitting there, she was there in her high chair – she could barely talk,” says Blythe. “And I said, ‘Who am I? Am I Woof?’ And she went, ‘No. No, no.’ And I came up with a few other names, and I said, ‘Well, who am I?’ And she said, ‘Lalo.’ And then she laughed for about a minute – hysterically – and an hour later, I was still Lalo.”

Hmm… Lalo or Woof – which do you prefer?


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  1. I think Lalo is so cute! Imagine baby Apple coming up with that all giggly and cute, such an adorable image 🙂 I christened my grandma Gaga when I was one, and it’s been passed down to my sisters, step-sisters and cousin.

  2. My nephew calls my Dad “Boppa” – it started when he was around 1…he had a huge facination with Bob the Builder at the time & my dad has a workshop in his garage and does a lot of building, so we figure it was a combination of Bob & Poppa….however he came up with it, it has stuck…..

  3. We called my grandmother “DeeDee,” which is sort of a common grandmother term, but I don’t know if they all get it the same way. “My” DeeDee got it when she was bouncing one of my older cousins on her knee (as a toddler), while chanting “dee d’dee d’dee d’dee d’dee,” and my cousin started calling her DeeDee! 🙂
    We called my grandfather on that side “Granddaddy.” 😀

  4. All of my parents have unusual names given to them by my kids!!! They call my mother Roro, because her name is Rosemary, and Roro was a lot easier to say than grandma. My stepdad is Papa, which isn’t that unusual, I suppose, but still not the usual first choice. MY dad goes by Grandpappy, b/c my sister and I started calling him Pappy as a joke when we were teenagers, and it has stuck ever since!!! 🙂 I like the cute, unusual names for grandparents, I think they sound more affectionate and sweet!

  5. That’s an adorable story! It reminds me of my niece. She completely blew our minds when she started calling her grandmas “Beeka.” We still don’t know where it came from, but my mom was sad when she started calling her grandma instead. She didn’t want to stop being Beeka. I really loved that my niece called her great grandma “Beeka Feefer.” Not even close, little one. She’ll be 4 next month and she makes a lot more sense these days.

  6. What I don’t understand is how “Woof” could be considered preferable to “Grandma” or “Nana” (or whatever is traditional in your family.) Blythe, you’re a grandmother, get over it. Coming up with a silly name doesn’t make you any younger. My daughter calls my dad “Pa,” which is short for grandpa. She can say grandpa now, but Pa is much cuter.

  7. LOL, my son calls my father “Appas” and my mom “Mother”. It cracks her up, because everytime he says it, she says he sounds like Bambi !

  8. When my daughter was young she called my dad “pamp” and my mom “ban-na” instead of grandpa and grandma…it’s just how she ended up saying them but once she was older she just called them grandma and grandpa. My older grandson (9) started calling me Nana on his own. His other grandparents are just grandma and grandpa. I refer to myself as both Nana and grandma to the younger one (he’s 2) so he calls me both. My daughter is pregnant with baby #3 (we JUST found out last week) so who knows what the next one will call me!

  9. My third grandchild, a girl, called me “Mana” and it stuck and now they all call me “Mana”. I love it – much better than Grandma…!

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