LeAnn Rimes & Jake: Fun In The Sun!

Singer and “bonus mom” LeAnn Rimes was spotted with her 4-year-old step-son Jake on Saturday (August 27) in Malibu. Jake’s father, actor Eddie Cibrian, was on hand to enjoy the California sunshine.

The newlyweds were seen getting cozy among friends as they celebrated LeAnn’s 29th birthday. The country crooner even changed her bikini.

Eddie is also dad to son Mason, 7, with ex-wife Brandi Glanville.

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  1. Even though I’m not a huge fan of hers, I have to say she has got the cutest bikini collection ever! Seriously, where does she get all of these? I’m jealous!

  2. Fun in the SUN? She is EXPLOITING that child and the media keeps encouraging this type of behavior. Shouldn’t the media being questioning why EC and LR exploit those kids like this?

    In several of those shots LR implants were hanging out of her bikini top and in other shots both EC and LR are drinking in front of those kids. But that wouldn’t make a good fluff piece, so I see those shots were not included. And the pink bikini is one that LR copied from those photos of BG in Hawaii.

    Of course she was spotted being a great “bonus mom”. SHE tipped off the paps like she usually does. So we must ask, what are Eddie and Leann promoting because we only see them with those kids when EC and LR have something to promote. If she was a great bonus mom, she would have celebrated her birthday without inviting the paps. Why would she change her bikini? What celeb makes THREE bikini changes? That is right because she is putting on a show for the paps that she invited.

    How odd EC said that his ex-wife had tipped off the paps, when she was spotted on a beach with those kids, then does that mean by EC logic he and LR tipped off the paps with this photos?

    • You need a drink, maybe it would help you calm down. Your rants about these people everytime there’s a post here are just nuts and stalker-ish. Why are you so obsessed with them?

      • Wow, that was fast. So once again you are upset because someone would dare question why we continually see these staged photo-ops with EC and LR AFTER EC made that statement in those court documents. What is nuts and stalkerish is that Leann Rimes calls the paps everytime she is spotted with those kids and then you show up with several different names to go off on anyone who questions this bad behavior. Why are you so obsessed with anyone who would dare call EC and LR out? And love how you show up with a different name each and every time you post.

    • Wow, Celebrity Baby Scoop now has it’s very own tabloid writer who makes up whatever they want based on a series of photos. Her implants are hanging out! (I don’t even see that) They’re drinking in front of the kids! (So what?) She changed her bikini! (Seriously?!?!)

      Regarding the photos: I don’t know why people say she’s too skinny. I think she looks great, and super-fit, like a runner. Although I personally don’t like breast implants, if you’re going to do them, do them like she did — perfectly sized to fit her body.

      • Wow, really, that’s your excuse? That people are making things up? Of course your response to LR and EC bad behavior is so what? The author stated that LR did a bikini change. If you look at the photos that were posted with the article, you can see that LR did in fact change her bikini. So basically you are only seeing what you want to see. You can deny it all you want, these photos are being plastered all over the internet and they show EC and LR drinking in front of the kids. Why would EC drink in front of those kids when he made such a big fuss over his ex-wife’s DUI? As far as her implants hanging out, you stated that LR was a good stepmother, so would a good stepmother expose her implants to child like that? The fact that she changed bikini’s indicates she did because she was ADVERTISING, which means she invited the paps to the beach with her and those kids and this whole bonus mom thing is just an act.

        Oh I get it, you are doing damage control.

        So how come you use so many different names when you post?

        • I’m not even going to respond to your rambling lunacy, except to say that I post under this one name only.

          Now calm down.

          • Sure is that also how like you are not going to respond to my post even though you just took the time and energy to write a post telling me that you were not going to respond to me?

            Leann and Eddie just released another staged photo-op with those kids, so it’s clear why you are so bent out of shape now and are upset because I called them out for using those kids.

  3. EC sons? The very same sons that EC made these statements about in court documents?

    “In fact our children should be protected from exposure to public “gossip” in the tabloid magazines and paparazzi.”-Eddie Cibrian

    “A six year old and a two in a half year old do not need this kind of negative media attention or any type of public exposure.”-Eddie Cibrian

    “Respondents actions are not child focused at all and exploit our dissolution to create more media attention for herself.”-Eddie Cibrian

    That is AWFULLY STRANGE. EC stated that his kids shouldn’t experience ANY type of public exposure? Does that also include being mentioned on WEWE tweets, blog entries, twitpics, staged photo-ops that are accompanied by fluff from certain media outlets? We know that she set up this photo-op because she made THREE bikini changes as if she was advertising for the bikini company.

    Did she also change the little boys clothes everytime she changed her clothes?

    So how come these media outlets won’t address EC double standards but instead encourage him and LR to exploit those two little kids?

    • Do you have a google alert to tell you whenever there’s a post about these people? Are you going to post these crazy rantings every time they’re mentioned? You really need to take a valium and stop worrying so much about people you don’t know. You sound seriously unhinged.

      • Wow, you are out in full force today. If LR had’t tipped off the paps while out with those kids, you wouldn’t be in a position to stalk and harass everyone who disapproves. Do you have a google alert that tells you whenever there’s an unfavorable post about EC and LR? Are you going to post your crazy rantings everytime someone doesn’t pat these two on the back for exploiting those kids? We know that you need to take a valium and stop worrying so much about people you don’t know. You do sound unhinged. LR isn’t getting favorable responses for this staged and photo-op and now you think that writing posts under different names about how people can’t comment on EC and LR will somehow redeem them. So you are upset because I was right about Alexandra/Janna/anon being the same person?

  4. Geez – relax already. Why do you care so much?

    She’s a good step-mama and spends time with her husband’s kids. You can see how pleased the little guy is. That’s all that matters, not the rantings of some nutter on a web site.

    • Why do you care so much?

      It doesn’t matter how much she looks pleased with the little guy. EC stated that those kids should not be exposed to ANY publicity and it’s really clear that she set up these photo-ops. So are you saying that EC should not be held accoutable for his own words?

      Speaking of nutter, why do you keep showing up in these threads with a different name? Didn’t you say the very same thing when you posted as anon?

      LR is exploiting that child, now that is a true nutter. If LR was such a good stepmother why then was she drinking around those kids?

      Perhaps if LR didn’t call the paps, you wouldn’t be forced to show up with a different name to try to justify EC and LR actions by going off on other posters who find this behavior disgusting.

  5. Leann, you look so beautiful & happy… your eating right and exercising and it shows…
    I’ve never seen you so happy you just keep singing your heart out…
    Can’t wait to see one day with more kids you and Eddie make.. Your an amazing woman..

  6. I see that Leann and her pr people have showed up to do some DAMAGE CONTROL. If Leann wanted people to mind their business, then we wouldn’t be seeing these photos of her with that child.

    Speaking of obsessed, how interesting that Alexandra/anon/janna all showed up within min of one another. What do you suppose that means? That these “different” posters are possibly the very same person? Now that is being a nutter. How odd that those 3 different posters just so happened to show up within min of one another.

      • EC and LR just released another STAGED photo-op with those kids, so now it makes sense why you are so bent out of shape and going nuts because I called these two out for exploiting those kids on Sat. So I take it that you were simply preparing the way because LR is planning on releasing those staged photo-ops to this site. I also heard that LR is going to do a blog entry about those kids. So it’s not paranoia when we have more than enough evidence to see that you are just here to do damage control because LR was gearing up to release even more staged photos with those kids.

  7. ‘Wowanotherdisgustingstagedphoto-op’ is also known as ‘Gwen’ on Just Jared and tons of other names on every website that post stories about Eddie and LeAnn.And it’s always the same rant every time which is why you know it’s her.Why she waste so much time doing so is beyond me.It obviously doesn’t change a thing.They’re still together aren’t they?She’s been at this since the beginning and has more hate for them than Brandi,Dean and their family and friends combined I’m sure *smh*.3……2…….1 until she accuses me of being LeAnn or her PR person LOL.

    • Anonymous at 12:59 pm. I also have been accused of being LeAnn or her PR person the couple of times I tried to make an opinion about this one posters constant extremely long, judgemental and mean natured comments regarding LeAnn. This poster is clearly delusional and very one sided.

      • So basically you are upset because someone dared to mention that EC and LR were drinking around those kids, that LR’s implants where hanging out of her bikini while she was playing with that child, and that she tipped off the paps? You are not a LR “fan”? So is that why you are going on about how anyone who would dare challenge you or these photo-ops is delusional, one sided, judgemental, or mean natured? Why are you using so many different names?

        • I couldn’t have say that better myself!!

          (Oh wait, that crazy poster thinks I’m using three different names in this thread, so maybe I *did* say it myself!! LOL)

          • You couldn’t say it better yourself? You did say it.

            Crazy poster: a 29 yo woman who tweets and posts blog entries about another woman’s kids even after her own hubby indicated that he didn’t want ANY public exposure for his kids.

            You should just stop playing these games you are only here because LR was planning on releasing yet another staged photo-op to this site. It’s sad. That you have to all this damage control to justify LR staged photo-ops with those kids. I never would have guessed that you were out in full force because another photo-op with those kids was coming. But now it all makes sense. So how many more different names are you going to use to blame others because LR and EC keep exploiting those kids?

            How odd, why does the anon and Janna poster show up within min of one another?

          • Honestly, I’m starting to feel a little bad for making so much fun of you. This goes beyond being a little wacky – you clearly have some real issues. I mean this sincerely – please get some help. This level of obsession and anger towards total strangers is not healthy.

          • Hi STACE2U (Stacey)

            Originally I thought that Leann had sent Ginger here to defend her, but once I saw that post from Stacey it’s very clear that it’s been Stacey here making these posts all along as Janna/anon/alex. Stacey is the poster whom LR Skypes with. Stacey also went berserk on twitter, calling other posters crazy, obsessed, and wacky when they called LR out for sharing too much personal information about EC kids with her fans.

            What Stacey and Leann feels bad for is the fact that Leann is being called out for staging these photo-ops and then sending her pr people to this site to defend her actions when she is called out on her bad behavior. Yes we know that LR is aware of this site and follows it because she was observed by several posters tweeting to someone from this site.

            A person who has REAL ISSUES, needs to get help, or is wacky: A 29 yo woman who is so desperate for attention that she thrusts two innocent kids in the spotlight just so that she can get FREE bikini’s from Mikoh and keep her name and face in the press because she isn’t getting much attention from her acting or music career.

            BTW, people should be weary of any adult who perceives their relationship with a child as a marriage. Leann has 3 wedding bands. 1 for EC, and 1 for each of his sons. She even stated that she was looking at those boys while she was saying her vows to EC as if she was marrying them. Not only that she had a necklace made for herself with the kids initials.

            Seriously Stacey, look at the level of obsession and anger you exhibit towards anyone who calls LR out on her bad behavior towards those kids. Leann was wrong, she used those kids, and writing posts about how everyone else is crazy because they refuse to pat LR on the back for this devoted mom image isn’t going to redeem LR.

            Perhaps you should tell LR not to staged photo-ops with those kids.

        • Everyone else? How odd that anon and Janna show up just within min of one another yet again.

          It’s very clear why you are upset. LR planning on releasing her latest staged photo-op with those kids to this site.

          Insane is when a 29 yo woman exploits another woman’s kids with the purpose of keeping her name in the press and then she and her pr people come to these sites and write posts in defense of her because people call her out for using those kids in that manner.

    • And would be kind enough to share the mutiple names that you have been using on JJ and twitter? We know that you post under tons of different names, hence why the posters who are showing up in this thread show up within min of one another. I don’t post on every site that has an article about EC and LR, but inorder for you to know what is going on on those other websites, then by your own admission you are posting on all those websites. That would also mean that you have also been at this since the beginning right? So that would make you CBME/RACY, who has reinvented herself as frannie plate/athena. No wonder you showed up on the other site posting as SPEAK NOW. Of course EC and LR are still together, and as we saw still being together means nothing, since EC and LR were cheating with one another while they were still together with their spouses.

      So are you entering in a different email address for every different name that you use on this site? I can see why you are so upset. You made the mistake of posting under different names and then doing it within min of one another and now you think you can make it better by what? Showing up writing several different posts about how we are wrong for commenting on a staged photo-op that LR set up. BTW, where did all of these LR supporters come from?

    • Seriously, when you take the time and energy to write posts about how people care way too much, you do realize that you are also showing just how much you care. We know that Leann and her pr people are coming off as a real whack job. So you are upset because this happy bonus mom moment that LR was trying to create has fallen to pieces because someone dared reveal the truth?

    • “A six year old and a two in a half year old do not need this kind of negative media attention or any type of public exposure.”-Eddie Cibrian

  8. Leann and her pr people are upset. I must have ruined the “devoted bonus mom” campaign LR was trying to sell to the media/public by pointing out that she staged this photo-op(which is evident by the fact that she changed her Bikini 3 times and she even changed the little boys clothes twice as if she was on a bikini photoshoot/spread), EC and LR were drinking in the presence of the kids, LR implants were hanging out, and once again it’s odd that they would keep staging these photo-ops since EC stated in court documents that he didn’t want ANY type of public exposure for the kids. So I guess Leann and her pr people are going to fix this by showing up with several different names every 30 min to complain about people commenting on the photo-ops that she set up and staged or resort to stalking people on other sites who they think is me. BTW, LR isn’t getting good feedback on this staged photo-op, which is why someone is upset.

  9. No wonder Leann and her pr people are so upset and boo hooing about how people are commenting on LR.

    Leann has set up and staged yet another photo-op with those boys, so I take it that she was probably planning on releasing that photo-op to this site.

  10. Love to see Eddie & LeAnn so happy these pictures make me smile…
    LeAnn has a great body and it has paid off all the right eating and exercise…
    Can’t wait to see the babies that they make one day, they will be so cute…

  11. AWW Jake is such a cutie!!! :^) WOW it’s sad that some of you guys can’t give a normal comment on this post. For those ones I have 1 Thing to say. GET A LIFE!! YOU DON’T know them in real life. You can’t judge about celebrities you don’t know in real life. Sad, sad, sad….. :^(

    • Seriously Stace2U(aka Stacey), you know that things are bad for Leann when she has to send her Skype buddy here to make all these positive comments in LR favor.

      And you know all about Jake because Leann shares information about him when you Skype with her, right?

      What is sad is that a 29 yo woman is so desperate for attention that she thrusts an innocent child into the spotlight just so that she can get FREE bikinis from Mikoh and of course keep her name in the press because her songs can’t even chart on Itunes because her fanbase is just that low.

      Leann should get a life, why does she spend so much time tweeting and writng blogs about another woman’s kids?

      Are you serious, so are you saying that you have the right to comment on LR because you know her? Perhaps LR should lay low and stop staging photo-ops with those kids.

      Wow, another get a life post? Just like the one you made when you posted as jacque? You even included the same sad comment.

      Leann will get judged because her actions are inappropriate. It’s sad that we are seeing so much of these kids because Leann has something to promote. And it’s sad that some media outlets glorify these behavior and glamorize it. This photo-op was staged and it makes LR look like a horrible person. And you know this, which is why you are using so many different names in this thread.

      • Eh Sorry but I didn’t post under more names IDIOT!!! I just give a comment and I didn’t ask you to like or dislike this and also I didn’t ask for your advice or opinion. Stop jumping to conclusions. GOSH, you’re just like the others.

        • That’s a lie. If you didn’t post under mutiple names, then you wouldn’t have shown up here calling people names. In fact it’s nice so see that you showed up just a day before LR releases the staged photos of her and EC at the fair with those kids to this site.

          So in other words, you don’t want people to know that LR is sending her pr people to sites like this to defend her? We know that LR keeps track of what is being posted on this site because she was observed tweeting to someone from this site after they posted photos of her and EC with those kids. And don’t forget that LR Skypes with Stacey.

          IDIOT: A 29 yo and 39 yo you stage yet another photo-op with those kids at a carnival to convince everyone that their staged photo-ops are “harmless” just because the kids smile and goof off with them, even though the oldest boy has been spotted their previous staged photo-osp hiding behind parked cars or hiding in the shadows.

  12. Wow wow WOW I guess I’ve never read the comments on a LeAnn Rimes post before! HOLY MOLY! I don’t even know what to say! Whether to laugh, or to cry!

  13. Me thinks this might be BG posting LOL. Anyone who spends that much time tracking down each website where something is posted about these people is either directly related (and pissy) or needs to get a personal life of their own and stop worrying so much about “celebrities”. It’s all gossip anyway until it comes straight from the horses mouth!

    • Hi STACE2U

      How long are you going to play this game and how many different names are you going to use in this thread?

      In case you haven’t heard, STACE2U(or Stacey) is the poster whom Leann Rimes Skypes with. At first I thought that it was Ginger, the other person Leann Rimes tweets with a lot, but it’s clear that it’s STACEY who is posting these positive comments in support of Leann. Stacey also had a similiar meltdown on twitter after Leann Rimes was called out for sharing too much personal information about EC sons with her fans.

      Wait, how exactly would jacque know what was going on those websites? Because jacuqe is on those websites tracking down what is being posted about EC and LR? So then by her own logic that means that jacque need to get a personal life of your own and stop worrying so much about celebrities.

      Oh Stace2U, this isn’t gossip for you, it’s personal because you and Leann are BFFs. She Skypes to you. I love how you keep showing up with a different name. LR can’t even get her own fans to download her song on Itunes, so it’s odd that all these “get a life” posters keep showing up in this thread.

      Not to mention, you keep saying the very same thing in this thread that you are writing on twitter. You made this very same post earlier on in this thread.

      Oh well, one thing is for sure, LR must not be getting favorable remarks on this staged photo-op since

      LR tweets about another woman’s kids 24/7, so then you are saying that she doesn’t have a life.

      So you think that you can deflect from LR and EC bad behavior by blaming BG?

      • Excuse me miss, but JACQUIE109 is a single mom who lives in washington state. Doesn’t even have a twitter account and got my information about “other sites” from READING the other posts. Don’t you dare call me out without being able to honestly back up your information! I don’t have to lie about my name and or hide my true feelings and opinions about a topic and the only reason you don’t see my name often is because I have better things to do than sit on my computer all day and look at celebrities (not knocking people who do that for a living). The only reason I’m even responding to this is because I wanted to know if YOU went back and re-read post just to sit and stew because you don’t like them. Seriously honey get a F**CKING LIFE.

        • Sure you did STACE2U.

          Wait, did you just say you got your information from other sites? You mean you are going from site to site just like I said you were. Now why would you lecture others about going to other sites, when you yourself are doing the very same thing? Since you were way too eager to jump on the blame BG wagon, we know that you are doing more than just reading. So then does that mean you need to get a life? You are only responding because Leann Rimes told you to do so.

          If you don’t want to be called out for lying, then stop lying. The fact that you would try to lecture other posters on what is going on on other sites, while you yourself are visiting those same sites, says it all. You don’t have a twitter account or post on those other sites, yet your “GET A LIFE” posts that you made under several different names in this thread alone, match the ones that I have seen on two different sites. We don’t see your name often because YOU use so many different ones.

          There you go again lecturing others while you do the complete opposite. You just said that you READ on those other sites, right? So then by your logic we can speculate that you sit and stew over the posts that you don’t like right? That is what you did isn’t it? Using several different names because once again Leann’s fanbase is just that low.

          Wow, another “get a life” post. Since you are on other sites
          just reading”, then by your own logic, you just admitted that you don’t have a life. We know that Stace2U and Leann Rimes need to get a life. So how many Skype sessions did you have with Leann Rimes this week Stace2u?

          Stace2U, where was EC other son? Did you hear that he was also on that beach with EC and LR, but he took it upon himself to protect himself(hid under umbrellas when he saw the paps) from the paps because EC and LR were too busy posing for the paps to do it?

          • Hi jacque!

            Wow, really name calling? Is that your excuse, that people are misreading your posts?

            Idiot: 29 yo woman who is so desperate for attention that she thrusts two innocent kids in the spotlight just to keep her name and face in the press while wearing skimpy clothing that exposes her implants to those two boys.

        • Who needs to get a life:

          A 29 yo woman who is so desperate for attention that she uses TWO innocent kids (EC other son was also on the beach while EC and LR were posing for the paps, and according to eyewitnesses he hid because even he knows that these “doting” stepmother photos are a farce.) just so that she can get FREE bikinis and of course keep her name and face in the press because she has to release an album and her CMT movie this month.

          A 29 yo woman who describes her relationship with a child as a marriage, to the point where she wears 3 wedding bands, 1 for EC and 1 each for his two sons.

          A 29 yo woman who exposes her implants to two young boys and even took those kids to a play wearing a see through shirt with no bra and had the audacity to post that picture on twitpic just to show everyone just how well she gets along with “her family” or the two kids whom she married.

          • You get a life!! You’re already said this to F.A.J, me yes I admit that. They don’t wan your advice or opinion.

          • Wow another get a life post by a “different” poster?

            Oh wait, now understand why you are out in full force. It’s because LR was gearing up to release the staged Family Fair Day to this site, isn’t it? Strange how you can tell when LR is releasing photos to this site based on the activity of her “fans”.

            If LR doesn’t want anyone’s advice or opinions, then she needs to stop staging these photo-ops with those kids.

            Someone who needs to get a life: A 29 yo woman and 39 yo man who are so desperate for attention that they thrust two innocent kids in the spotlight just to keep their names and faces in the press because they have something important to release this month.

  14. Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian have staged yet another photo-op with those kids, and there is some VERY inappropriate behavior going on in it.

    For starters the oldest boy is once again HIDING from the paps because he is just that tired of being exploited by his father and bonus mom and since he isn’t cooperating with this bonus moms photo-ops, LR has instrcuted her mouthpieces to pretend that the child isn’t even there. LR is exposing her implants to EC youngest son because she wore a very lowcut shirt/dress and a very short skirt. But some media outlets think it’s cute that this 29 yo exhibits that behavior in front of those kids.

    Now will the media call LR and EC out on once again using those kids because their careers take priority over those kids well being and privacy, or will they once again condone this bad behavior? EC show is coming out this month and LR album is also coming out, so I guess in the eyes of some media outlets it’s okay for them to exploit those kids.

  15. Those poor kids. LR and EC set up another staged photo-op with those kids in a parking lot. Well at least this time she made sure that the oldest boy cooperated for the paps.

    Oh well, EC and LR have something VERY important to promote this month, so LR mouthpieces think it’s perfectly okay for these two grown adults to keep their names and faces in the press by riding the coattails of a child.

    At least in this staged photo-op, LR didn’t expose her implants to those boys.

  16. Did you check out Leann’s twitter page and check out the conversation she is having with the bikini company who supplied her with the bikinis for this staged photo-op? So just like we stated, LR exploited those kids just so that she could get FREE bikinis. So how come the media keeps glorifying this bad behavior from LR when there is so much evidence that supported that this was just an attempt for Leann Rimes to get FREE bikinis to wear while she is in Tahiti with EC?

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