Angelina Jolie Talks Family Time & Fish Pedicures

Last week we got a sneak peek at Angelina Jolie’s absolutely stunning new Vanity Fair cover and today a few more details from the issue – and a few more photos from the gorgeous shoot – have emerged. In the interview, the jet-setting mom-of-six gives a glimpse into a typical day in Malta with her kids: Art class, swim class and “crazy fish pedicures.”

On family time in Malta, where she and the kids took up temporary residence this summer while Brad Pitt filmed World War Z: “I hung out with the kids. Usually we have swim class in the morning for the twins, then art class. The boys got this crazy fish pedicure. There are fish here that eat the dead skin off your feet and I thought it would be fun to send the boys. They were in hysterics, they said it was ticklish.”

On giving her kids “authentic” experiences: “The kids have been learning about the history of Malta and going to the catacombs. I wanted them to have the full experience of traditional tourism, so I let them go without me.”

On Brad’s best work: “Since I’ve been with him I’ve seen all the ones we’ve gone to the premieres for. I think I liked Jesse [The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford] because I knew how hard he worked on that. It’s interesting: when you live with an artist, it’s not the film but the process you respect. I know he took a risk on that, fought for it, stood true to what he believed. He didn’t cave when people were pressing him, and he made a beautiful film.”

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