Jennifer Garner: Radiant In Red

Expectant mom Jennifer Garner played host at this weekend’s 7th annual Pink Party at the W Hotel’s Drai’s Hollywood (September 10). The Valentine’s Day star, who chose an Yves Saint Laurent dress for the occasion, looked beautiful as she posed for pics on the red carpet.

Jennifer is a regular attendee of the annual Pink Party, which benefits the Cedars-Sinai women’s cancer program, raising money and awareness for gynecological and breast cancer research. This year’s event packed a ton of star power, with Jamie Lee Curtis, Jessica Capshaw, Sarah Drew, Samantha Harris and more in attendance.

Though she was the picture of Hollywood glamor on the red carpet, earlier in the day Jennifer was in Mommy mode, ushering her gorgeous girls Violet and Seraphina to dance class in Santa Monica.

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  1. “This year’s event packed a ton of star power, with Jamie Lee Curtis, Jessica Capshaw, Sarah Drew, Samantha Harris….”
    Sorry, but Jamie Lee Curtis is the only one in this group who qualifies as a “star”. Samantha Harris? Come on.

  2. When Jennifer glams up she is a very attractive woman. If only she would wear a bit more color and some better fitting clothes in her daily life. I’m sure she could spare 10 minutes out of her day to fix up a little. Red really is her color. Grey and beige are not.

    • Why “if only”? What difference does it make to you? She’s not hurting anyone. She’s obviously comfortable with how she chooses to dress, and it doesn’t affect anyone else. And the fact of the matter is, she looks just fine. I only wish I looked as terrible as you think she does.

  3. No wonder Ben married her she is so beautiful. She is a natural beauty and doesn’t need tons of makeup, nose jobs or dying her hair blond. All American beauty and the perfect spouse for Ben.

  4. Whoa….calm down. Somebody is overly sensitive. I never said she was hurting anyone or even that she looked terrible. The comments are here for people to do just that – comment. I said she is very attractive and of course she absolutely is. If you looked at the clothes she wears daily you would see that she could use a bit of sprucing up. Of course she looks fine “here” because she is glammed up. Have a drink and lighten up.

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