Kim Kardashian & Her Sweet Surprise

She’s got it in the bag!

American socialite Kim Kardashian may have been digging in her purse for a little lip tint but was shocked to find something else – her adorable 21-month-old nephew Mason Dash Disick!

“Mason was playing by my feet at dinner in Bora Bora and crawled into the back of my [Goyard] bag, so I took him over to show Kourt!” the proud auntie writes on her Celebuzz blog.

The 30-year-old model – who wed NBA star Kris Humphries in August – recently opened up about her desires to join her younger sister Kourtney in the club of motherhood and begin her own family.

Hopefully soon,” the beautiful brunette reveals. “Being a mom is something I’ve always wanted, so I would love to be one someday.”

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  1. that’s so cute. I’m sure someone will have something negative to say about it. But I do question the outfit of one of the younger sisters behind her. Aren’t they like 14 years old? IDK these girls are so eager to be grown these days.

  2. Well I wouldn’t do that, in fear that a strap would break, but I’m sure she can afford MUCH nicer purses and totes than I, therefore they could be sewn with magical hardcore strength stitching! He’s so stinking cute, it’s fun watching him grow up!

  3. Haha it’s so cute ! ^^
    And a lot of 14 year old girls dress like that. I am 15 and I don’t wear stuff like that, but I am telling you, it isn’t surprising for me, but it still kind of disgusts me.

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