Victoria Beckham: Harper “Loved” Prada Store

Retail therapy starts young for the Beckham girls! When we spotted Victoria Beckham and her 2-month-old daughter Harper Seven shopping at Prada during NYC’s Fashion Week, we knew the Posh mama must have been in her glory!

We went in to Prada yesterday and she loved it,” Beckham, 37, told the Daily Mail. “It was as if she was saying, ‘Mummy, I’m home!'”

The former Spice Girl – who is also mom to sons Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 9, and Cruz, 6 with hubby David Beckham – hasn’t spent much time away from her first daughter. “I can’t leave her alone for a minute,” she admitted. “I haven’t been without her since she was born nine weeks ago. She’s too wonderful to leave.”

On Monday, Vicki launched her latest collection: Victoria by Victoria Beckham. “I’m very into conversational prints the is season,” she told The Guardian.


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  1. I feel a little bit sorry for the little girl. With 3 big brothers what if she ends up being a tomboy? It doesn’t sound as if her parents would except that. If she wants to be a little princess – fine. But what if she doesn’t?

  2. It’s sad that little Harper is already being taught that material goods are what’s important. I hope she doesn’t grow up to be as superficial as Victoria.

  3. Oh please. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. And I say that in the nicest possible way, because Harper’s obviously seriously cute, and Victoria seems pretty cool (lol I don’t know), but like… a 2-month-old expressing to her mother that she feels at home inside a Prada store is just kind of a silly sentence to read.

  4. Presumably she was joking but something about it just seemed off. No doubt Victoria is thrilled to finally have a daughter but does she plan to turn Harper (hate the name) into her Mini Me? Victoria is so unbelievably superficial and concerned with her appearance and nothing else. One rarely hears of Victoria doing anything good with her name for charities or social issues. She only seems to be concerned with runway shows, shoes, and the latest trends. I hope that she realizes that Harper may not grow up to be a shopaholic fashion victim like her mother.

  5. What realy worries me is not that Hraper may be a tomboy but she may be a plain , ahy plump girl. How will mumsy react to that?

  6. My gosh people..lighten up. You women are so unhappy and bored in your own lives that you take celebrities and their lives and make it your own business. The woman and baby are adorable and love each other…let it rest!

  7. Hey anonymous, give it up. CPS doesn’t need to be notified of this because of this. Big deal she was wearing stilettos carrying her newborn. Sounds like you are a sneaker wearing mom and jealous. You got it Victoria and don’t let haters take you down!!!!!

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