Victoria Beckham & Harper: Fashion Week Duo

The ‘it’ duo of Fashion Week!

Posh mama Victoria Beckham wore her signature sky-high Louboutins while toting her 9-week-old daughter Harper in New York City on Thursday (September 15). After leaving their hotel, the mother-daughter pair headed back to the Prada store for more shopping.

The former Spice Girl – who is promoting her latest collection Victoria by Victoria Beckham during New York’s Fashion Week – recently talked about her daughter’s first visit to the prestigious store earlier this week.

We went in to Prada yesterday and she loved it,” Beckham, 37, said. “It was as if she was saying, ‘Mummy, I’m home!'”


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  1. Taking Harper “home” for the day…
    I feel so uneasy seeing stilettos and newborn attached to the same body. I know Victoria’s had plenty of experience walking in heels, and plenty of experience carrying newborns, for that matter, but it just looks so precarious!

  2. Cute, but these shoes are getting on my nerves…enough already: women you look ridiculous. In two years, you’ll say: what was I thinking???

  3. i dont understand the allure of giant heels like that. they’re not cute….they can’t be comfortable….why wear them? is it like when teenagers dye their hair blue?

  4. Eeek, stillettos while carrying her baby again 😐 I know she’s seasoned in wearing high heels but who knows where there might be an unexpected bump in the concrete or something similar…I hope her bodyguards are on standby to catch the baby…

  5. Love her dress, I wouldn’t be very comfortable walking on those heels, let alone carrying a baby in them. Anyway Harper is going to be a real fashionata! Already been to the NY Fashionweek.

  6. SAFETY FIRST! PREVENTION! All it takes is one tiny pebble to throw one of those majorily HIGH heels in the wrong direction to cause an accident. You would think after all the remarks about those heels on this and other sites…and, you know the stars do check out…Victoria would do something smart! Put the adorable Harper in a baby carrier or better yet, a STROLLER! I just do not understand deliberately endangering your new born daughter! WHAT, exactly, is her point!?

  7. Why not to forget all these fashion weeks, shoes, labels and spend some quite time with a person she was waiting for so long, her daughter? I understand little Harper will be in a spotlight sooner or later, but right now she would be better off in a bassinet in a fresh air somewhere in the backyard of their home and not in shops with lots of people and cameras flashing in her face.

  8. I’d be more worried of the newborn with those heels if she had decided to go for a walk with her, but I think she went from the vehicle to the store, which is probably very close and wouldn’t require a stroller.

    And CBS missed the best picture! Victoria giving Harper kisses on her belly in the store!

  9. Not only is it CRAZY to wear such outrageous shoes while carrying a baby, but why would you want to??!! They are sooo UGLY! It looks like she should be on one of those kids shows like the Doodle Bops or something! LOL! Maybe they are corrective shoes?!

  10. I doubt celebrities read these comments, but that explains why some people write what they do.

    She’s never going to stop wearing the CL heels. The sooner you realize that, they better off you’ll be.

    • Exactly, this woman has been wearing heels since she reached an exceptable age to wear them. She carried Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz in pregnancy and in her arms while wearing heels, no one has ever seen her trip. I can walk it in my 6 inch stilettos too and carry a kid, it is not as hard as some people believe. They need to realize that just because they can’t do it, doesn’t mean everyone else can’t. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder so them saying something isn’t cute doesn’t make it automatically true.

  11. These pictures, particularly the ones close up of the bay, look like they were taken with a camera phone. Which makes me wonder if store staff or another customer took them. I know celebrities are used to living life under the eye of the camera, but I think that’s a bit creepy. I would assume she’s not anticipating being captured when she’s in the store shopping for clothes. Paparazzi is one thing. At least they identify themselves (most times).

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