Julia Roberts & Kids: Leisurely Day In L.A.

Julia Roberts spent a day kicking back and hanging out with her 6-year-old twins – daughter Hazel and son Phinnaeus – and a couple of their friends in Los Angeles, Calif. on Wednesday (September 14).

The busy mom was taking a break from filming her current role as the Evil Queen in a new adaptation of Snow White.

The Larry Crowne actress recently talked about being mom to three kids – she also has son Henry, 3, with husband Danny Moder – specifically healthy parenting. “I try to have a steadfast rule that I run a kitchen, not a diner,” she said. “So, I just make one meal, and this morning there was a little variation on that theme. I did take a couple of different requests. I try to be healthy, but I – listen, I love myself some bacon! So, I have to cook what I think we’re all going to enjoy. But I try to make it as healthy as possible.”

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  1. Hazel & Finn are beautiful! I love that they both have their own distinct looks. This is the first time we have seen them since they were essentially
    Toddlers. I wish we could have seen Henrh too, but I’m guessing bringing a 3yr old to run errands & work would bd hard and distracting.

      • ell people who think they have THE truth are stupid and narcissistic. There is not one thruth but 1 000 000 interpretations of facts.

        I think they are cute cute you dont. At least be kind and just don’t say what you think if it’s not nice and said with good intentions (what are the good intention when you say nasty things about kids?). How can we expect the children to be respectful and not bully another kid if adults behave in such a low way?

    • Seriously? You just want to start a rumor, don’t you? She looks normal and definitely not pregnant to me! Julia is over 40 and has a tiny tummy (we saw a few bikini pictures of her a few months ago), which is perfectly normal when you have carried twins, but she doesn’t look pregnant.
      And for the people who say her kids are strange looking and not cute; you do not say that about kids, grow up! Like you’re extremely pretty and stunning every hour of every day, please!

    • Saying anything negative about the physical appearance of children is really messed up. There is something wrong with you if you think it’s okay to do that.

  2. LOL omg *GASP* yes I said they are not the CUTEST kids around. I didn’t say they were ugly kids or they looked horrible just that they’re not the cutest kids I’ve ever seen. And as if I’m the first one to actually say things like this. I have seen more nasty people on this site say really awful things about kids looks using actual comparisons to other celeb babies. I just happen to think they’re not all that gorgeous jmo.
    And yes, for someone who asked I think that I lucked out very much with good looks so no insecurities here on my end!!

    • JuSt the fact tkhat you need to make comments about the way they look means a lot. They don’t owe a nybody to be cute, they should just have the right to grow up without being judged on their look, like every kid.

      By the way , readingworst things is not an excuse to jdo the same, grow up, if your friendsy jump off the cliff …..

  3. I’m beginning to think that the poem “Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” should be required reading on sites about children. Especially the part about being nice. Nothing is served by stating that someone especially children are not attractive. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it might be a rude awakening to know that people might not think your child is attractive at all. And playing with the words not the cutest just a clever way playing with words.

    Now in my opinion the look fine to me. Like a typical as in any of us here might look family.

  4. Well I think they are striking looking and I like seing children dressed practically and comfortably for living not shopping.

  5. If they are anything like their mother, they are ugly on the inside……Oh, and get which ever one is the boy a haircut.

  6. I think Hazel looks just like julia. The boy Phin looks like a combination and henry looks like Danny. There were pictures posted of all of them with Julia on the Popsugar website. I think the “not the cutest kids” comes from, you have these really good looking celebrtities and you just assume they are going to have gorgeous kids and that is not always the case. They can have normal, average looking kids. But then again, celebrities are all done up and have professionals making them look gorgeous so who knows what they would really look like without all that help…they would look like reg folks!!

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