Victoria Beckham On Harper: “She’s So Well Behaved”

Victoria Beckham is a busy woman these days! Not only is she a doting mother to four beautiful babes but she is also busy promoting her latest collection Victoria by Victoria Beckham during New York’s Fashion Week – with 2-month-old Harper close by her side.

The 37-year-old fashion designer recently opened up to U.K.’s Telegraph about the act of balancing motherhood and work.

“I’ve had to develop a very strategic way of working,” the beautiful brunette divulges. “But Harper has also done her bit. She’s so well behaved.”

The fabulous fashionista continues to share that although she loves her sons Brooklyn , 12, Romeo, 9, and Cruz, 6, to pieces, they were definitely more of a handful than her darling 2-month-old daughter Harper.

“Listen, I’ve earned an easy one. Those boys – obviously I love them to bits – but they were hard work.”

As for getting rid of those pesky maternity clothes, Victoria claims that “it’s actually quite nice to get out of an elasticated waist and into fashionable clothes again.”

She may want to reconsider ditching the maternity wear. Her handsome hubby David Beckham recently revealed the he wouldn’t mind adding a fifth child to their gorgeous group.

If we were lucky enough to have another one, it would be great. We always spoke about having a big family. We love children. We are very blessed to have four healthy children so if one comes along that would be amazing.”

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  1. just wait…she will change! then again, she probably knows, since she’s been through the ages&stages with her other kiddos!

  2. Please let this be a “Lost In Translation” moment. I mean she’s from England and maybe that’s how they reference “non-fussy” babies but it’s very off-putting to say a 2 month old is well behaved…Really Posh? I liked it better when you just said “No comment”. IJS.

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