Maria Menounos: “I’m Going To Freeze My Eggs”

The ultimate back-up plan!

Extra correspondent Maria Menounos may not be ready to have a baby just yet but the beautiful brunette is seizing the opportunity to ensure her future fertility – by freezing her eggs!

“I’m 33, and I decided that I know I have a couple of years of work I want to get to, and then do it,” the reporter tells Dr. Drew Pinsky in an interview airing Thursday on Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers. “I figured this is kind of an insurance policy.”

During the show, Dr. Drew invites Maria’s parents onstage and gives Maria the chance to share her exciting news with them. “I’m going to freeze my eggs!” she reveals.

“I have decided I am going to have kids … but to make it realistic, because I am not going to do it for a few years,” the Pantene spokeswoman adds. “We’re going to freeze our eggs so that we have no problems down the line.”

Maria – has been dating director Kevin Undergaro for the past ten years – claims that she is is no hurry to walk down the aisle either.

When I have kids, maybe I’ll do it then. But for me and Kevin, it’s been so long that in our minds we are and we always have been [married]. Marriage can be a beautiful thing for some people but I don’t think it should be a pre-requisite or something that’s forced on people. We’re happy, it’s working. I’m not really a traditional person anyway.”

Tune into Dr.Drew’s Lifechangers airing on Thursday to watch Maria’s interview!

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