Shannon Miller’s Biggest Fear During Cancer Treatment: Facing Her Son

When beginning chemotherapy earlier this year, Olympic gold medalist Shannon Miller says that her biggest fear wasn’t the cancer or the aggressive treatment, but how her son Rocco would react to her appearance.

“For me, the toughest part was facing my son, Rocco,” Miller, 34 tells People. “He was 15 months old at the time that I was going through my treatment. He has lots of hair. And I wasn’t sure if he was going to be scared of Mommy … being bald.”

Fortunately, Miller was offered some words of wisdom from a friend who advised her to make sure that she was comfortable with how she looked before approaching Rocco; and that’s exactly what she did.

“I took some time understanding the wigs and scars and just being bald,” says Shannon. “But he took it like a champ. He just thought it was another hairstyle for Mommy.”

Now, in addition to helping other cancer patients improve their self-esteem with Look Good … Feel Better, Shannon is celebrating the “clean bill of health” she recently received from her doctor, and preparing for another exciting milestone – Rocco’s 2nd birthday!


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  1. It’s wonderful to hear she got a clean bill of health and her treatment worked. My grandma had breast cancer and her biggest fear was scaring the grandkids.

  2. She’s looking more and more like Jennifer Grey. If I were her, I’d put on one of her well-earned Olympic gold medals and never take it off.

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