Gisele Bündchen & Benjamin: Saturday Stroll

Model mom Gisele Bündchen and her adorable 1 1/2-year-old son Benjamin – along with the family pooch Vida – went for a morning stroll in Boston, Mass. on Saturday (September 24). The mother-son duo enjoyed the sights and scenes as they strolled along the river.

The 31-year-old Brazilian supermodel went for the casual look in a white tee, jeans and wellingtons. Baby Benjamin also wore his rain boots for the fun outing.

Gisele’s husband, football stud Tom Brady, recently chatted about his much buzzed about hair. “I just like to change it up,” he shared. “I don’t take it too seriously.”

“Look at this guy,” he added, teasing one of his friends. “Same haircut for eight years. There might be some cute girls out there who’d want to see something different.”

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  1. You saw the couple out with John until G had one of her own, now it’s like he just disappeared out of their lives…it will really hurt the boys and that’s such a shame!

    • As someone else has already been posted, you are wrong – there have been pictures of them all together. As has also been posted, you have no idea what their life is actually like – what is captured by the paps is an infinitesimally small part of their lives. And finally, did you forget Jack (if I remember correctly that’s what they call him, by the way) has his own mother who doesn’t live in Boston? She presumably has him at least 50% of the time, and probably more than that. He has to spend time with his mother – that doesn’t mean Tom and Gisele have banished him from their lives as you seem to think.

    • Per Tom, he sees Jack on average one week a month. And he does. But not consecutively. Jack is in school during the week, so Tom sees him on the weekends during the school year.

  2. While I am loathe to admit this I think Giselle is a seemingly good mother. She is often out with her son and without nannies or added assistance.

    As a person though, her holier than though and hypocritically opinionated attitude on everything from breast feeding mandates to environmental activism turns me off completely.

    I definitely am team Bridget but think both boys are equally cute.

    • 1. Genetics.

      2. It’s her job to look that way. We’d all look a lot better if we were getting paid millions. We surely wouldn’t look as good as her (see: point no. 1), but getting paid to look good is a pretty strong motivator to work out, eat right, etc.

    • Its partly genetics, yes, but she also works her butt off. She’s been very athletic her whole life- she does everything from kung-fu to boxing to yoga and there’s always pics of her leaving the gym all red and sweaty.
      She says she cooks a lot too, which is much healthier than eating out.

  3. I love her. And to the individual who said something about her being holier than thou, I have never seen her act in that way. She has been misquoted and misunderstood many times, yes, but never better than anyone. Far from it actually. That is your mis-perception. It’s what you tell yourself so you feel better about her having one “flaw”. You’re just jealous, let’s call a spade a spade. And who gives a sh*t about what team you’re on. What does that even mean/matter?

    • My my chris it appears you have the self image problems. Such anger issues as well. It’s almost as if you feel the need to live vicariously through her to justify your own pathetic existence. Sad that don’t like what YOU see in the mirror. Perhaps try lithium or a plastic surgeon.

      The rest of us will live our happy lives whilst you champion the cause of Brazilian “super models”

      • Don’t pay attention to “chris” she is probably some haggard wannabe who only stays relevant in her life by being abusive and insulting to others on a baby blog. Personally I have no issue with either Giselle or Bridget but I am grateful that there is someone on this board who can put an articulate sentence together. Thanks- Take notes Chris.

    • Lighten up- Giselle is a complete know it all and many dislike her for herself. Stating people should be “fined” for not breastfeeding! WTF? Claiming to help the environment while she drives gas guzzling SUV’s and takes private jets to get from NYC to Boston plus She is constantly outside with PBC plastic bottles, the list goes on!

      I highly doubt anyone is jealous of this freak!

  4. Who cares about John Moynahan since Benjamin BRADY (the only son tom wanted to have,and only Brady boy) is here?Gisele is happy to be a mom. when have we ever seen a pic of bitter having fun and smiling to her son in 4 years?NEVER because she wanred a ring and just used a baby to get one and FAILED.LOL.If people don’t like what a said stop mentioning the moynahans when is all about the bradys post,move on…

    • Number one, we hardly ever see Bridgette Monahan out and about. Number two, it takes two to tango. Bridgette was not laying on top of herself all of those nights. If Brady didn’t want a kid, he should’ve wrapped it up. Not that birth control and condoms never fail but as adults, we know that the only way to not get pregnant is to abstain from sex. So if you have sex, you deal with the consequences, good or bad, planned or unplanned, wanted or not wanted.

  5. Benjamin is so adorable and um I thought this was 2011? why when I come to a Gisele post it feels like I’m still living in 2006? Move on!!!! All adults have and have wonderful lives and happy children. get over your bitterness for this woman already! sour grapes do not taste very good last time I checked…

  6. Sounds like you women are too addicted to gossip blogs misquoting celebs and creating catchy headlines so you click on their links! Because if you read her interviews she is actually super down to earth. The media only began nit picking on her after Bridget kept bad mouthing her in the press. ( I think it says more about the person doing the bad mouthing then the one they are talking bad about) and you see who has the A list career, husband, and on every celebrity power list out there. Speaks volumes enough for me!

    “I’m aware of my responsibility, but really I am like everyone else, and my opinions are just mine. There’s no reason why I’m more right or wrong than anyone else.” Gisele Bundchen

    “If you are happy, you can give happiness. If you don’t love yourself and if you are unhappy with yourself, you can’t give anything else but that” -Gisele

    “People will always have an opinion. Some people will say she should be a cleaning lady.’ And then another will say I’m beautiful” At the end of the day, it’s about what those people think about themselves.” Gisele

    “There are so many lies written about me that it’s pathetic. Everything that I have ever heard about me in the gossips – they make like 5% sense. I think it’s funny how [these stories] say, ‘Her buddy said this or that.’ Who’s this ‘buddy’ they’re talking to – I’ve got three friends!” Gisele

    “I never really understood what people found in me,” she says. “I think beauty is about taste. Some may find me horrendous, and some can find me pretty. In the beginning it was hard. People said, ‘Oh, she’s too skinny, she’s got a big nose.’ I don’t have one of those plastic surgery noses, I have a German nose, but so what? I have a big personality as well, so that goes with it. I’m definitely not the most beautiful girl in the world.” Gisele

    so why don’t you invest more time to reading her interviews a little more closely. She actually says alot of clever things (although nice doesn’t make headlines) than she does “negative” controversial things. The media just picks on her because she is a great target. Her web hits are very high according to Forbe’

  7. hmmm all you critics sometimes seem to “know” more about her than her fans do…The only way you would even know what she does or says is if you visit her blog/facebook/website and read her interviews. and #1. why on earth would you do those things if you do not like her is the real question here… Doesn’t make sense to me. I think people need to get a life or grow up… or both.

  8. Tom’s sons with Bridget is way cuter than his kid with the “supermodel.” I find it amusing that she looks like a man and he looks like a woman!

  9. I am amazed at how perhaps only two people (TF and Shannan 21) posting here have the ability to string together coherent sentences. Pick up a book sometime, you may just learn a thing or two.

    • Wow you really are the pathetic one here “TF” and “Annonymous” It wasn’t just your ranting that gave you away…(or your misspelling of Giselle’s name or your use of the word perhaps or your almost identical posts about people forming coherent/articulate sentences BTW you had to look up the spelling just to make sure you had that one, didn’t ya?) think about that. (IP address much?) Oh and don’t bother coming back with some reply because it won’t be bought and I’m ova it! LOL! In YO FACE!

      • Ah yes, the articulate response typical from a ghetto individual. One can only surmise your educational background and pedigree from your somewhat prosaic response.
        As is common to people of your “type” you feel victimized and thus paranoia sets in when you fear that perhaps more than one poster can have similar negative opinions of a person you seem to worship and revere.

        Have a nice day at your trade job or the welfare office.

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