Melanie Brown’s Junk Food Fridays

Singer Melanie Brown seems like a pretty fun mom – but the former Spice Girl insists she’s no pushover. Mel, who has her hands full with girls Phoenix Chi, 12, Angel Iris, 4, newborn Madison and stepdaughter Giselle, 7, says that she only gives the kids treats on Fridays, and she makes sure they earn their rewards.

“They have candy day on Friday, so they don’t get junk all week long,” Mel tells Hello!, adding that she limits screen time as well. “If they’ve been good all week, they’ll have a treat. Angel has an iPad, seeing a kid with a flat-screen at four years old is a bit crazy, but if she’s been good all week, she’ll play with it for a few hours on Friday and that’s it…. Some parents go for the easy route of, ‘Oh have it, I’m busy’, but I’m not like that.”

The musical mama also adds that her husband Stephen Belafonte is on the same parenting page, making sure the girls all lend a hand at home.

“He just reinforces normal things – do the washing, rinsing your plate, regular stuff I could get my maid to do but I make sure the kids know how to do it.”


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  1. Having a treat day is a wonderful idea. It gives the kids something to look forward to and appreciate. Limiting electronic device time too is also wise. I see families out for dinner where the kids are zoned out playing with their devices while the parents talk, no family interaction. This does not develop good communication skills or do anything for the family dynamic.

  2. But at the same time, I feel like people (like, hate to say this term, but parenting snobs) often make candy and screen time a bigger deal than it really is. Honestly, my kids watch tv every day. So what? It’s not 24/7 glued to the screen type of watching, but it’s also not “set your timer, kiddos. you get your 15 minutes every other day and that’s it!” I take the let your kids be kids approach, personally.

  3. I agree with her, it gives them something to look forward too. And you know, if you mess up then you lose that time. No kid wants to lose out on their treat.

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