Anna Faris: I Want A Lot Of Kids

What’s Anna Faris‘ number? Eight. Eight kids, that is.

The 34-year-old actress may not have much experience with children, but tells Us Weekly that she definitely wants to start a family with hubby Chris Pratt; a very big family.

“I would love to have eight kids!,” Faris said at Tuesday’s (September 27) New York City screening of What’s Your Number?.

But could she handle eight children? Even Anna doesn’t think so, but she does “want a lot of kids,” and says that she and Pratt, 32, will probably start talking about babies “in the next few years.”

“We want to populate the world!” Faris laughed.

Until then, she and Chris are enjoying being able to spend so much time with one another; at home and at work.

Already, the couple costarred in Take Me Home Tonight, and Chris also had a role in What’s Your Number?.

“I just love working with him so much!” Faris told Us. “Although he has this amazingly gorgeous fiancee in [the movie] that really pissed me off. She’s stunning! I just didn’t want to see him kiss her all the time.”

Obviously, one of the few drawbacks.

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  1. She’s 34, wants 8 kids, and is going to wait a few more years to start talking with her husband about when to start having kids? Good luck to her.

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