Elton John & Family: An Aquarium Adventure!

Check out their new pal!

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road singer Elton John made a splash – or was that the dolphin – at the Georgia aquarium on Thursday (September 29) The musical magician was accompanied by his spouse David Furnish and their gorgeous 9-month-old son Zachary.

Judging by those smiles, the trio seemed to have a blast taking a behind-the-scenes tour of the new dolphin exhibit offered at the aquarium!

The English singer has recently announced that his charitable organization The Elton John AIDS Foundation will be auctioning off six important works of contemporary art at Sotheby’s in New York City on November 10th.


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  1. just a shame that a decent celebrity would take part in the most awful and disgusting processes of exploitation of animals, including the idea that many get massacred in order for one to be captured (after watching the rest of his family/pod get massacred) and taken into captivity….
    All beings deserve freedom, that would include dolphins. and the idea that someone who is gay, and therefore can probably well relate to the lack of freedom and the lack of respect of others, would be entertained by that same lack of freedom, is beyond me. Shame on you Elton John!!!!

  2. Elton….haven’t you heard??????? it it isn’t cool to take your children to marine parks and watch our beloved dolphins and whales being exploited……..It IS cool to educate yourself and begin to help release the ones held in the parks….. existing in “bathtubs”..alone, depressed …..having shorter lives….eating dead fish..The information is everywhere…….and FaceBook is a good start!!

  3. Hey Elton…maybe you should think about putting some of the money you make from the Southeby’s auction into working to free captive dolphins. Spend a bit of time to learn what suffering you are causing to these highly intelligent social creatures. try thinking beyond yourself you overstuffed fat cat.

  4. Elton, Please look into how dolphins suffer in captivity. Watch the movie The Cove. Dolphin smile is their curse they are not happy. They must be free. How about writing a song about how sad they are to be taken from their families in the wild and forced to perform tricks for food.

  5. OMG. Millions of parents take their kids to these types of things every year. No need to single out one parent. So little Zach shoudln’t get to do something all the other kids do because his dad’s a celeb parent? Come on now. I’m not saying I support animals being in captivity, but there’s no need to come down on Elton for this, because he’s just having a fun family experience with his husband and son.

  6. Really Elton? Whether you accept it or not you are a role model – as a role model you need to check out this industry before you lend your considerable notoriety to it – what a shame that you have chosen animal exploitation as entertainment for your family.

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