Olivier Martinez & Nahla Aubry: Affectionate Duo

What a sweet pair!

Unfaithful star Olivier Martinez enjoyed some quality time with his girlfriend, actress Halle Berry‘s daughter, Nahla, 3, in a small town on the Island of Palma de Mallorca, Spain on Friday (September 30). This marks the second time we’ve spotted Olivier and Nahla sharing public smiles and cuddles.

The Academy Award-winning actress – who recently broke her foot on the set of her new movie Cloud Atlas – walked with crutches alongside the affectionate duo. Some locals stopped to chat with the trio as they enjoyed a beverage at an outdoor cafe.

Nahla’s father is Halle’s ex-boyfriend, French-Canadian model Gabriel Aubry.


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  1. Oh my goodness!! I just love picture 1 & 6 same but 1 is closer. Nahla looks so very comfortable with Olivier!! And that’s how it s/b with mommy/daddy’s new friends. So loving! She is a beauty if I ever seen one!!!

  2. This pic is so sweet I almost got a cavity.LOL!! It almost brought a tear to my eye. Plenty of love for a beautiful little girl. 🙂

  3. So sweet! I can’t help but cringe though when I think of her getting her little heart broken when/if the relationship doesn’t last.

  4. It’s nice to see Nahla’s bond with Olivier but how hard would it be for Gabriel to see his daughter bond with another man.

  5. I love it! Sorry, but I am so tired of Gabriel getting a halo and Halle the horns. I’m happy she’s found someone who Nahla loves too.

    • Giving someone a halo or horns doesn’t matter when it comes to this situation. At the end of the day Gabriel is her father and nothing is going to change that.

      • Staying the obvious are we? I think we all know who her bio dad is and who isn’t Victoria and I don’t believe I implied or was smack on saying otherwise.

  6. Olivier seems like a poor choice, given his public history of cheating on a number his celebrity girlfriends. Good luck to Halle and Nahla.

  7. I know where you’ew coming from Victora. It’s not about halo and horns, it’s about a little girl being deprived of seeing her father. I see these pics as part of the anti-Gabriel campaign that seems to have gathered speed again. We will have to see if money and star power wins out. Hopefully Karma will take care of things and Nahla will be the only one who matters.

  8. What people fail to realize is that, if Nahla’s father has a significant other,
    I’m sure he would also, want “her” to be loving toward his daughter.

  9. It´s wonderful to see how close Nahla has become with Oliviere Martinez but he won´t ever replace her own dad Gabriel Aubry. Nahla is really close to her dad Gabriel and it´s easy to see based on the pics where Nahal is with Gabriel. AG – I agree with you. Gabriel sure will find a significant oterh some day and sure will want “her” to be loving toward Nahla. It´s wonderful to see that no matter what happened between Gabriel and Halle he still has this loving relationship with his daughter.

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  11. Nahlia is such a beautiful little girl! I love her tanned skin, beautiful blue eyes and it is nice that she is close to Oliver Martinez. Although she is not her real/biological father, I bet Martiez is a good father figure to the beautiful child. I love Halle Berry because she is gorgeous and a good actress. You go Halle and I hope your daughter, Nahlia grows up alive, well and healthy. And that she has a good relationship with both her and her father Garbiel Aubry.

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