Jessica Alba’s Flower Girl

Mom-of-two Jessica Alba stopped by a local Starbucks in Los Angeles on Monday (October 3) with her sweet 3-year-old daughter Honor. The mother-daughter duo picked up drinks and a flower before heading to Honor’s preschool.

The Fantastic Four actress – who welcomed her second daughter Haven Garner six weeks ago – said she’s not feeling any pressure to lose the baby weight.

“I try not to indulge in super-fattening food but I still have desserts as Cash always orders them and they taste so good,” Jessica said. “It’s just everything in moderation.”


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    • Which ugly person left this ugly comment?
      Oh wait, we don’t know, since you just left it as Anonymous.

      Honour is beautiful in my opinion. Everyone has an opinion, but you should keep your nastiness to yourself.

      • While I completely agree with you about the wrongness of the comment that was left (though it’s already been deleted, I can tell from the responses what was said), your comment about it being an “anonymous” person are kind of ridiculous. Everyone here is anonymous, including you. Do you think posting as “Rebecca” means anything? There are millions of Rebeccas in the world. And even if you were the only one, this site doesn’t require you to prove your identity. Do you think my name is really George Clooney?

    • Your not right, if you don’t like the the little girl or her mother then don’t click on the article no one is forcing you to read this article or look at this ‘ugly’ little girl, note the sarcasm. You need to get a life and keep your nasty opinions to yourself.

  1. i love the dress….i came here to write that comment before i saw all of these. i just cant imagine what someone would think is ugly about it.

  2. I think they are the SWEETEST FAMILY EVER!!!!! Such good looking parents, beautiful children.
    I will agree though, Jessica’s shoes aren’t cute…IMO.

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