Evangeline Lilly On Her Son: “His Name Means ‘The Thunder’ “

Real Steel star Evangeline Lilly‘s new baby boy has had a lot on his plate during his first five months on Earth – he was born outside during a Hawaiian thunderstorm, he’s already become quite the world traveler and has even spent some time tenting it outside his grandparents’ house.

The former Lost alum – who chose to deliver her sweet son outside in his father’s home state because hospitals have “too many rules” – may not be revealing her son’s name just yet, but she is definitely dropping hints!

In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! the beautiful brunette hinted that the baby was named after a Hawaiian term meaning “The Thunder.”

“I had my baby outside in a thunderstorm,” she adds. “It was really romantic.”

“And then we lived in a tent for three weeks when he was two months old… It was fabulous,” she gushes. “It was awkward because I was supposed to be breast pumping. How do you breast pump without electricity?”

The tot has also spent plenty of time up in the air! According to his mama, he’s been on over 16 different flights, including trips to Africa and New Zealand.

“He’s been all over America in the back of a Volkswagen van,” the Canadian star says. “He’s been to Canada… He’s like Ernest Hemingway – he lives in tents, he travels all around.”


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  1. Waouh, that’s … weird but why not ?? She seems so down to earth, and it’s not a bad thing in this world.
    But delivering under a thunderstorm, living with an infant in a tent…ok that’s definitely something I won’t do 😀
    Anyway I’m happy for them !

  2. Quick google search states Hekili means thunder in Hawaiian. I really don’t understand the living in a tent concept.. Anywho I went to school with Evangeline’s current bf and baby daddy Norman back in the days. Hes a funny and charming guy, good luck to them both!

  3. at least she was able to have the natural birth she wanted. who cares if she doesn’t revveal her sons name she’s the one that chose to be famous he didn’t

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