Gisele Bündchen & Benjamin Park It!


Model mom Gisele Bündchen and her adorable 1 1/2-year-old son Benjamin were photographed at a playground in Boston, Mass. on Thursday (October 6). The proud mama helped her boy down the slide and even took some snapshots of her playful son.

We spotted the mother-son duo going for a stroll along the river in Boston last month.

Gisele’s latest project, a lingerie campaign for the Brazilian label Hope, has appalled government officials in her homeland, leading them to pull the “sexist” and “stereotyped” adverts.

The ad shows Gisele trying to appease her husband after committing a series of marital blunders: crashing his car, maxing his credit card and inviting his mother-in-law to stay. To seduce her husband, the advert’s voiceover tells viewers: “You’re a Brazilian woman – use your charm.”

In response to the ad, government officials from the women’s secretariat in Brazil issued the following statement: “The campaign promotes the misguided stereotype of a woman as a sexual object of her husband and ignores the major advances we have achieved in deconstructing sexist practices and thinking.”

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  1. Even time I see a pic of Tom Brady’s legitimate son, I’m always reminded of an hilarious episode of “Seinfeld” in which the gang encountered an ugly baby. The tag line was “that baby is breath taking”.

    • There is no such thing as “legitimate” or “illigitimate” with respect to children. Those were legal terms that are no longer valid. All children now have the same rights regardless of whether or not their parents were married at the time of their birth.

  2. cute bubs with supermodel mommy. It’s nice she is always so casual and relaxed in pap pics, even when she is the richest supermodel in the world. Love that!

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