Ali Larter On Theodore: “He Eats Everything And It’s Amazing”

Teddy is apparently not a picky eater!

Resident Evil: Afterlife star Ali Larter is happy that her 9-month-old sweetheart Theodore doesn’t shy away from trying new foods, no matter how intereting and exotic they may be.

“He eats everything and it’s amazing,” the 35-year-old actress gushes to US Weekly. “I was feeding him seaweed the other day, and he’s had salmon.”

The mommy-of-one – who claims that her sweet son still eats baby food as well – also adds that Teddy is crawling now and that she is thoroughly enjoying her role of mother.

“Motherhood has definitely been the most rewarding experience that’s ever happened to me.” she says.

Ali married comedian husband Hayes MacArthur in 2009. This is their first child together.

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  1. Firstly just want to say what a cute baby. Secondly to Ali, all babies eat everything at this age. Once they hit the terrible twos they get taste-buds and HATE EVERYTHING YOU GIVE THEM. lol.. My son and nephew ate everything from the day they started solids. We are a European family so they even had food with chilli in it but as soon as the Terrible 2’s kicked in it was over. Now my nephew survives on Mac and Cheese, hot chips, chicken nuggets and soup. My son who is now 12 is still fussy but he is at least eating healthier foods. Just keep on trying to feed him a variety of foods, you could be one of the lucky few that miss this part of growing up.

  2. If a child is hungry, they will eat what’s available to them. It can take many tries for a child to begin to like a food. I just don’t think it’s right for parents to give up and allow their children to eat a diet of junk food.

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