Gwen Stefani & Her Boys Visit The Aquarium

Rocker mama Gwen Stefani bundled up her beautiful boys Kingston, 5, and Zuma, 3, for a chilly trip to the Aquarium today (October 7) in London, England.

The trio – who are hanging around in London while daddy Gavin Rossdale tours with Bush – have been spotted out and about lately at parks and playdates around town.

At the end of last month, the Don’t Speak songstress and her A-list friend Angelina Jolie got the gang together for a playdate at Gwen’s London home. The children seemed to have gotten into the markers!

Belated Happy Birthdays are also in order for the No Doubt frontwoman. Gwen celebrated her 42nd birthday in London on Monday (October 3)!


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    • You can’t tell the circumstances from a photo — all you see are two “cute” kids. These cute kids could have serious behavioural problems or other issues that make it imppossible for her to be on her own. Get a clue.

    • She doesn’t NEED 2 nannies, she WANTS 2 nannies and that’s her business. She also doesn’t NEED bleached blonde hair or bright red lipstick, but again, her money, her business. Who cares. Your question is dumb,

  1. Can this woman not handle her 2 children? Why does she need 2 nannies? It’s just wrong. Spend time alone with your kids Gwen!

    • Has it ever occurred to you that, because of her and husband’s crazy schedules, she has two nannies on staff at all times? And if they’re on staff at all times, why NOT have them come to the aquarium?!? Should the nannies sit home in the corner while the parents take the kids out? They’re getting paid, let ’em work!

      • Janna, at first glance, your comment makes a lot of sense — especially the last sentence — who hires someone, pays them and doesn’t make them work? Also, who wouldn’t expect a celebrity to have nannies.

        The thing with Gwen is that unlike most other celebs pictured here – she never does anything with her kids WITHOUT the nannies.

        • Janna- I agree with you regarding if you are paying them why not have them work…. However, I personally, would like to spend some one on one time with my kids every once in a while.
          I see alot of kids in NYC that are closer to their nannies than their mommies. Therefore, I would want to have some special time with my children without other adult care givers around.

  2. I’m assuming it was Angie who recommended her to visit the Aquarium! Remember she brought her brood of 4 there some time ago? How sweet of her. 🙂

    • LOL- she DOES have a third for herself, only it’s a “manny” — that short bald guy that is often with her when she is running errands, having pedicures, etc.

  3. Why do people care so much about her nannies? Are the children being neglected or abused? No. They’re obviously well-taken care-of, and that is all that should matter to people who are total strangers. Her childcare choices have nothing to do with you and don’t affect you.

    • Agreed. If the kids are safe and happy, staff are paid, and none of the parties mind , then so what. It’s nice to have company.

    • And why do YOU care what people think? Do you know Gwen and are you personally affected? The comments aren’t hateful, people are just pointing out the obvious.

      • Ever heard the saying ‘Why state the obvious?’. Not to mention they keep pointing it out over and over, like the nanny/nannies are going to suddenly disappear or something.

        • I’ve heard the expression, Victoria — as have the rest of the world. Newsflash — people point out the obvious all the time on this site as well as others: “Oh what a cute baby” is a classic example. Big deal. As long as there’s no hate (i.e. anti-semitism, homophobia, racism), people can say what they want, express their opinion….. “I like Gwen’s lipstick” “I don’t like Gwen’s lipstick”.

      • And I’m going to point out the fact that all the critic’s wouldn’t be so if they had to put the masks away. All this uber nasty ugly is only because it’s under the cover of anonimity. You wouldn’t even have your judgemental ass up in here if you had to reveal you’re really a freaking PTA cookie baking momster. Gwen’s kids ARE NOT YOUR KIDS! She can have a freaking army if she wants and it will still be no skin off your nose.

      • “The comments aren’t hateful”

        You’re joking, right? Every post about her is filled with hateful, judgmental comments from bitter shrews who would hire nannies in a heartbeat if they could ever afford it.

        • You are missing the point. Lots of regular people have nannies – it’s often a cheaper alternative to daycare if you have multiple kids. The point is that she can’t put one foot in front of the other without a nanny alongside her 24/7.

          You must own a different dictionary than me because your definition of “hate” is way out there.

        • Whoa, down girl. YOU are the one who sounds bitter – about what, I don’t know, but you seem like a very angry person. Maybe you should take a page from Gwen’s book and get some help with the kids, go for a manicure, spa treatment, whatever.

  4. What’s wrong with this picture? Wow, even other celebs with tons of cash for nannies manage to spend time with their kids one on one…It’s one thing to bring grandma along, but nannies on every outing? Makes you wonder.

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