Denise Richards: What I’ve Learned From My Daughters

Amidst the “organized chaos” of her life, balancing work and raising three daughters as a single mom, it can be difficult to live in the moment, but that’s something actress Denise Richards is learning to do more of, with a little help from her girls – Sam, 7, Lola, 6, and baby Eloise.

I remember when Lola was just learning to walk, she literally stopped to smell the roses we had in our yard. I love that,” Denise recalls.

“I think my daughters have taught me one of my biggest lessons in that I need to really enjoy the moment,” Richards writes in her iVillage blog. “Before I had my girls, I was always focused on the future and what was next without really soaking in what was going on around me now. My daughters are like sponges and very observant and they’re just in the moment. It’s a wonderful thing for me to get back to.”

It may sound like a task in itself, but Richards says that cutting out the excess noise in her life was as simple as the push of a button — on her cell phone.

“I recently started turning my phone off once a week and just spend that day with my kids with no outside distractions,” Denise explains. “I actually didn’t realize how much I used my phone until I turned it off! It’s a fantastic change I made and being present with my girls is the best gift I could give them.”

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