Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Welcome Baby No. 3: Hattie Margaret

Update: It’s official! Reality TV stars Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have welcomed their third child. Tori took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to confirm the arrival of their daughter Hattie Margaret:

Our family’s so happy 2 announce tht 10/10/11 R baby girl Hattie Margaret McDermott was born at 7:08am! Xoxo”

The proud mama posted a pic of Hattie’s sweet baby toes!

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It’s another girl for Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott!

The reality TV stars welcomed a baby girl on Monday (October 10), Life & Style reports. “The baby wasn’t due until next week, but it was an early present!” an insider tells the magazine.

“We’re so blessed to have one of each that it’s just…whatever we get,” Tori said to Life & Style earlier this year. “We just want a healthy baby.”

The couple, who wed in 2006, have two children together, Liam, 4, and Stella, 3.

Congratulations to the Spelling-McDermotts!


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  1. hooray! i know a lot of people bash them, but i find them to be a genuine couple who are devoted to each other and their children. congratulations to the family.

  2. Congrats! Love the name, Hattie Margaret fits so well with Liam and Stella. To bad that Dean’s older son is not mentioned in the article. He is part of their family to!

  3. I agree completely Iris! Everyone kind of shoves the older boy under the rug =(
    A big congratulations to the McDermott’s! I bet she is adorable!! =)

  4. congratulations! love the name!

    Hattie, Stella, Liam and Jack! Sounds great together!

    I like it that they took such normal and beautiful names for their kids.

  5. Hattie McDermott? Sounds too similar to the black 1930s actress Hattie McDaniel. But whatever….Tori does seem genuinely nice despite stealing another woman’s husband.

    • You can’t steal what walked freely out the front door. She was still wrong in what part she played but she didn’t steal anyone.

      • true he did walk freely but maybe think twice before making the leap and maybe get divorced yourself. At least then you won’t be known as a cheater (both of them). Sorry hate the name Hattie. So many cute girls names out their. The stepson should have been mentioned I agree. He was only in 2nd grade when they hooked up–so sad for him. Divorce is so hard and when its in the public its even worse. God bless their family; I’m sure she is beautiful.

      • True but then it’s up to you shut YOUR door. A man will walk from one home into another, very rarely do they leave to be independent. They are needy individuals at heart.

  6. Congrats!!!! such a beautiful family x
    wow, ppl are really shallow, whatever happened many years ago is done and dusted. do ppl give brad and angelina the same amount of criticism for the way they hooked up??? dont think so !! BTW she has publicly stated what they did was wrong, but such is life!

  7. Never watched 90210 and so I was only really familiar with Tori via her dad’s fame and gossip media. I remember like it was yesterday turning on the tv and some movie was on with her and her now husband. I recall thinking they seemed to really be into it when they kissed. Seriously, I was not that surprised when not much later I heard they were a couple. They seem so well suited for one another and very happy. I wish we all knew how to pick the right person before we picked the wrong one. I thumbed through “parenting” magazine that she and the oldest kids are on and they are such a sweet family. You can just feel how much they love to be together. Congrats to them on Hattie Margaret (I love that name!)

  8. Oh cute! Another girl! Hattie Margaret is a cute name, kind of unexpected after Jack, Liam and Stella though, I think. I never really liked Tori and Dean much but I watched their show a bit and they are such a wonderful couple, they obviously really love each other and they’re both hilarious! Congratulations to the McDermott/Spelling family 🙂

  9. cute name, original and unusual right now. so sick of all the madisons, avas, evas, isabellas, etc. hattie is original, good for tori & dean & fam!!!

  10. Knowing the family’s history with nail polish, we should expect Hattie to be getting some pretty colorful toes before long.

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