Hilary Duff’s Escalating Baby Bump

Hilary Duff struck a pose and showed a glimpse of her growing baby bump as she rode an escalator at Los Angeles International Airport on Thursday (October 13).

Although she and husband Mike Comrie don’t know the sex of the baby, the 24-year-old singer recently said she has a hunch what to expect.

“Everyone else says it’s a girl, but I think it’s a boy,” Hilary said. “I’d be happy with a girl, but my sister’s like, ‘You can’t keep saying that, because then when it’s a girl, everyone’s gonna be like, ‘You really wanted a boy!’ I don’t care what I get, but every time I think about it or dream about it, I see a boy.”

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  1. Well, at least she’s showing now! This is going to be one of those pregnancies that feels like it goes on forever.

    And I’m missing Lizzie McGuire now…

  2. she looks like shes been trying so hard for paparazzi to catch of shot of her belly she even posed for the paparazzi in picture one

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