Judge Requires Gabriel Aubry’s Visitation With Nahla To Remain Supervised

In yet another blow to Gabriel Aubry, on Monday (October 17), a Los Angeles judge ruled that the model’s visitation with his 3-year-old daughter, Nahla, must remain supervised by a third party.

Radar Online reports that Aubry’s original agreement with baby mama Halle Berry allowed him three hours of alone time with the tot, which could be spent at a park or carrying out another activity. For all other times, a nanny must be present; especially during overnight stays. Aubry sought to amend that agreement, but the judge, ruling in favor of Berry, denied his request.

A source close to the estranged couple tells Radar that Gabriel is furious about not being able to care for his daughter on his own, and claims that having a nanny around negatively impacts their relationship.

Currently, Aubry is in Majorca with Nahla and Halle as the actress films her latest project, Cloud Atlas.

As part of their custody agreement, Halle must arrange for Aubry’s accommodations while she is on location, allowing him to spend more time with his daughter.


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  1. I don’t understand this at all. What exactly did he do wrong? They’re acting like he’s a former drug addict or something. Why can’t he be alone with his child?

    • Judges don’t just make decisions like this willy nilly. Something is going on here, but let(s face it, we’ll never know what it is. We just have to presume that there’s a good reason.

    • Same here. What happend?! Whatever it was, it must be very serious for a judge to grant such an order. And Halle being a celebrity would not be enough for such a descision. Gabriel must’ve done something extremely questionable! I guess I should give up on my hopes of a reconcilliation then.
      So sad, especially for Nahla:-(

    • I”ve been asking myself the same question. There must’ve happened something in the past, otherwise the judge wouldn’t rule in Halle’s favor.
      But there are things we don’t know about, so you can’t really tell how Gabriel is around Nahla.
      Hope that they can agree on the custody settlement for the sake of Nahla.

  2. I’m wondering this as well. Is there a real reason behind that?? The same thing happened with Russell Simmons. If they were fine with the kids when the parents were together, and always were involved in their children’s lives, why do they suddenly need supervision. It seems like control (to the detriment of the children). Obviously, if there’s some incident the public doesn’t know about, than that’s that.

  3. I agree theres a piece missing to this puzzle…they act like he’s got a serious criminal record or domestic violence because if he doesnt this is really unfair.

    • It must be something like that, otherwise this is nuts – Boyfriend gets unsupervised, unlimited access to this child but biological father gets nanny supervised access for 3 hours? .

  4. How long will this last? He has to follow her when she films. How can he work and make a living like that? What a horrible situation for Nahla. So, Martinez will become the man who spends the most time “freely” with Gabriel’s child. Halle’s career is over. She may have won the Oscar, but her decisions in her relationships sunk her ship. For Nahla’s sake, stop bring foolish. Gabriel is in a bad position. Why didn’t they just take the pictures and go home separately? Now Nahla has to have Olivier Martinez for a daddy on the side. At least Gabriel had a way to make income. Olivier’s film days are over.

  5. Whatever Aubry did, “the judge” made the decision that his visitation continue to be supervised. For certain, there are serious reasons behind the judges decision of supervised visitation, that Aubry initially agreed to.

  6. my husbands daughter’s mother (crazy) lied on my husband saying he smoke weed, walked around in his boxers n his former male roomate used profanity n that I (now wife, then gf), would threaten to beat his daughter…this led to supervised visits…only problem…mother never let my husband see his daughter, eventually the judge saw thru her BS n overturned everything…she had no proof. So, I hope that this man gets to spend quality time with his daughter…for Nahla’s sake!!! Halle doesn’t realize what she is doing to her daughter…if these reports are true.

  7. Interesting that she refuses to allow her daughter to go nanny-free just to prevent him alone time with the kid, and weird that a judge is buying it. Cuz really – a nanny is a non-necessity. It’s not like that says he’s a bad dad and requires court supervision, unless this thing has a whole other level – but if it did, would social workers not be involved, and the “necessary buffer” not be a nanny?

    • You have no idea if anything you just said is true. Pretty rude to speculate that Halle refused anything. How can you possibly know that?

  8. I find it so extremely ridiculous that he just has to follow her around where ever she goes, just so he cant see his daughter. And they have to be supervised visits as well! I’d be furious

  9. I totally agree Nina. What did this man do that he needs supervision? He (her father) needs supervision but it’s ok for her mother’s boyfriend to hang out with her alone?

    • Why all the presumptions that he’s some innocent victim here? Having to have supervised visitation is a pretty big deal. SOMETHING had to have happened.

  10. What is worse is that Halle’s boyfriend can go around in a different country!
    Who has never had a child of his own! But Halle won’t let the father of her.dAughter be with her…. Who looks happy with her dad! How can that be?

  11. He could very well flee to Canada with the child. It would take Halle days/weeks to get her back. If Halle has proof that he has threatened to take Nahla to Canada, then it’s easy to see why the judge made this call.

  12. If left alone for an overnight visit, Gabriel could very well flee to Canada with the child. It would take Halle days/weeks to get her back. If Halle has proof that he has threatened to take Nahla to Canada, then it’s easy to see why the judge made this call.

  13. What on earth has Gabriel done that has made the judge make such a serious decison? The real victim here is poor little Nahla

  14. Something is going on behind the scenes that the public isn’t privy to but the judge knows about. The judge is putting the best interest of the child first.

  15. The justice system is far from perfect, and even though judges are supposed to leave their personal biases at the door, they don’t always. It’s entirely possible of course that something did go on with Gabriel, as others have said, and it’s also possible that this could be a completely unfair call on the judge’s part. We’ll probably never know. Bottom line, I hope Nahla is having her best interests taken care of.

  16. He had to have done something pretty awful to require this. Judges will generally go out of their way to give a parent the benefit of the doubt and as someone who has been through the family court system I have seen awful parents who have beat their significant others still get unsupervised visitation. Definitely some facts we do not know here.

  17. Let us all not forget that judges don’t make these types of descisions with out conducting extensive observations, research, and or studies by qualified childrens services specialists. ……. and that’s just for everyday citizens. So in this type of celebrity situation, they’d likely go the extra mile. Unfortunatly, it seems as though Gabriel has done something major.

    If I’m not mistaken, didn’t Gabriel grow up in and out of foster homes and other temporary living situations? I recall reading that somewhere about 1.5 years ago. Has anyone else read any such article? If so, having had a tramatic/disfunctional upbringing can cause unstable behaviors…. even in adults, and in their parenting relationships.

    And another not well known fact is that many Canadians literaly HATE Americans! Google it, you’ll see that it is sadly true. Gabriel was born and raised there and has been subjected to Canada’s NON-STOP viscious negative berating of America/Americans. Again, please google, you’ll see that their hatred of us goes even further than my statements. Gabriel may, when upset, say anti-American statements to Halle and or about Nahla. He may not mean any harm, but Canandian anti-Americanism can be extremely viscious! I’ve experienced it! I lived in Toronto for 3 years with my Canadian husband. He unfortunatly harbors those terrible anti-American traits that is fostered in EVERY aspect of Canadian society. I had never been treated so horribly before in my life. My own otherwise FANTASTIC husband, has made disgusting anti-American remarks to and about me. Even though he’s been a voluntary U.S. citizen for 26 years. I moved to Canada completely unaware of their hatred towards Americans. While visiting serveral times before moving, I didn’t totaly pick up all of the signs of animosity like I did shortly after moving there. I thought that my in-laws would warm to me when we moved there. It only got worse when I became a captive victim. I was lilteraly (I am being absolutly honest) called horrible names, and when people/friends found out that I was American they would either stop speaking to me, call me anti-U.S. names, or try to enter into debates about how much better Canada is than America, the laugh and gloat about our terrible economy, peoples homes being forclosed, and at millions lacking healthcare. How neighborly it that? I had to leave, before I went insane, or commited suicide! I still love my husband, but our relationship has not recovered, and it may not last too much longer. I feel that he threw me to the wolves! We’re in therapy, and we’ll see what happens. I used to think that Canadians were some of the kindest people on earth.
    Thanx for listening. I needed to get that off my chest:-)

    • I have two things to say to that:
      1) All Canadians do not hate all Americans.
      2) Your FANTASTIC husband sounds like he sucks.

    • Your comment really resonated with me. Can you please do me a favour and post a modified (i.e. not Halle Berry-related ) version of your comment on a Globe and Mail article some time? As I’m sure you know, the Globe supposed to be our “national” paper but instead, is VERY Toronto-centric. The world begins, ends and revolves around Toronto and to h*ll with everyone else – Americans, eastern canadians, quebecois, calgarians, vancouverites, you get the picture. This attitude is obvious when you read the online comments to any “hot topic” article. Do us a favour and put them in their place.

  18. I agree if the judge ordered surprived visitations there is more to all of this then we know about. But if he really didn’t do anything then this order is ridiculous. A child deserves to spend time w/ her father if the father has shown no signs of being abusive.

  19. My heart goes out to sweet little Nahla Ariela Aubry, who has no idea about this drama, but could be affect by all this running around.

  20. This picture was taken last spring when he was picking her up after school.
    He has not been seen in The US since Halle left the country… But the law
    Says that she needs his permission to take her out of the country. And No
    One has seen Gabriel since have we…nor would he. Take his daughter to
    Canada and kidnap her! The key to all this is that it is all lies…where did they get the court docs and howmdis the media know that there was one?

  21. With the nanny supervising him, bet it’s difficult for him to poison the child’s mind against America, black-Americans, the English language and all things not white or French. The French culture is very strong in Quebec and Gabriel probably wants his daughter to grow up with a traditional Quebecois upbringing. Too bad for him that Nahla will speak better French than him – cause she’s being taught by the boyfriend who is actually French not Quebecois-French.

  22. I can’t understand why Nahla can’t spend some quality time alone with her dad, actually, the little girl always look happy with Gabriel. I don’t wanna judging Halle but, for her, every single man is a trouble, and all her relationships have ended because of the mans, isn’t that strange? If her mom have to travelling to Europe during some months to work, her dad should take care of her in US, because she needs go to school frequently like all the other childs.

  23. Why do people keep making the assumption that Olivier is alone/w Nahla? I hope that is not based on pictures, because I’m PRETTY sure Halle is not far behind. And isn’t that nanny always with them on their outings?! I tell you, media knows it can play heavily on what folks conclude. Because we see shots of Olivier/w Nahla alone automatically means Halle cant possibly be near by… WOW

  24. None of you know the specifics, let alone Halle or Gabriel. As a child advocate of the court, evidence has to be presented for a judgement to be maintained. Those who profess to label Gabriel as “innocent” are mesmerized by his physical attributes because they know not the man. A handsome face is not indicative of a decent character.

  25. Sorry but a judge will not continue mandated supervised visits unless he has been presented with enough evidence to warrant it. Gabriel is not poor so he can afford a good lawyer. Possibly there is some truth to Gabriel having a temper and we know Halle has been attracted to that type before. Also the theory of Gabriel disappearing into Canada could be a factor. Like someone pointed out stop being mesmerized by Gabriel’s pretty face it does not automatically equate to good guy.

  26. He did something wrong. Lots of parents are idiots. If someone is required supervised visits,once the supervision is over,they will do whatever business they did before.

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