Lily Allen Prepares To Be Showered!

Lily Allen is preparing for one of the more fun parts of being pregnant – the baby shower! The Smile singer revealed on Twitter that she is experiencing some mild pregnancy discomfort and that she’s got TV watching plans before her celebration on Thursday (October 20).

“Bad back, no sleep. Gah, some Curiously Cinnamon, and then I’m gonna start True Blood, and watch it till my baby shower on Thurs, MEGA ! (sic)” she Tweeted.

Fortunately all is going well with Lily’s pregnancy so far, and she and husband Sam Cooper are looking forward to welcoming their first child together next month. Last November Lily lost her baby at six months and she also suffered a miscarriage in 2008 when she was expecting a child with Chemical Brothers musician Ed Simons.

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  1. It’s not her first child, it’s her SECOND. I’m pretty sure the baby she gave birth to first she counts as her first child.

    • Couldn’t agree more! I have been reading this for so many times and get irritated every time I read; ‘expecting their first child together’.
      I’m actually looking at footage of Lily in ‘From Riches to Rags’ in which she talks about losing her baby boy. So heartbreaking….That said; I hope everything goes well and that Lily and Sam can hold the baby in their arms, happy and healthy, in a few weeks time.

  2. No, this is actually her first child with this man as the author stated…re-read the sentence.

    All the best to Lily and her family, I’m so happy for them and hope that she’ll be getting a happy ending after all the heartache she’s had!

    • That is not true! This is their second child together. Sadly the first one died, but stating this is their first child together makes it sound like their baby boy never was. Luckily the article doesn’t say she had two miscarriages. I read an interview with Lily’s sister saying that they were heartbroken that the press said Lily had a miscarriage while she was in labor and gave birth to her baby.
      So sad that everyone just jumps to conclusions to soon.

    • Actually this is her 3rd pregnancy, but her 2nd pregnancy with Sam. Her first pregnancy ended in miscarriage while she was dating Ed Burns in 2008.

      Lily and Sam had a stillborn last year

    • Actually this is Lilys third pregnancy. She had a miscarriage while dating Ed Burns in 2008!

      This will be Sams and Lilys second child together after their stillbirth last year

  3. На мой взгляд все очень просто и понятно, а в целом мне понравилось

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