Jessica Simpson’s Tummy Touch

A message, Jess?

A glowing Jessica Simpson touched her tummy as she left her hotel on Monday (October 24) in New York City. Toting an over-sized bag, the 31-year-old singer and fashionista was joined by her mom, Tina.

The gorgeous blonde and her fiance Eric Johnson were seen leaving a steakhouse in L.A. last week.

So is she or isn’t she? The I Wanna Love You Forever singer has remained mum on the pregnancy rumors over the past few weeks. Something’s gotta give, Jess!

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  1. Hmm can’t say I’m a fan of Jess’s poncho – it looks like she walked out of the hair salon wearing the cape still! Also, I think this is her way of announcing her pregnancy – how much more obvious can you get?!

    • I think if you read the article, you’ll see that it’s a “source” confirming that she said she was pregnant, not Jessica herself.

    • That appeared to be be more hearsay than anything else. It wasn’t from her “camp.” The source was listed as a “friend.” (at least on the website) For all anyone knows I called in and claimed to be her friend. lol But maybe the actual article says different. It still seems weird that she would have divulged that definitively when so many outlets are still claiming she hasn’t said anything one way or another.

  2. She hasn’t made a “formal” announcement, but I’m already sick of this pregnant lady. Pop the baby out and extend your 10 minutes of fame

  3. Congrats Jess! I know Nick is kicking himself right now! Jessica Simpson is a Brand! She’s on Forbes as one of the wealthiest woman in America (look it up) This Baby will be sooo Blessed.. I am sooo Happy for her

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