Alessandra Ambrosio & Her Hunny Bunny!

How cute is that?

Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio, 30, was spotted picking up her 3-year-old daughter Anja from school on Tuesday (October 25) on Los Angeles, Calif.

It looks like they made a stop at the Whole Foods Market for some tulips too!

The pretty pair also made their way over to Shawn’s Pumpkin Patch in Santa Monica, Calif. where they picked out pumpkins and played with bunnies!

Alessandra and her family were spotted earlier this week enjoying some quality time together.

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    • Anonymous- I totally agree and was about to make the same comment. Walking in a rabbit pen with no shoes on does not seem very hygienic. I hope she at least used anti bacterial on her hands and perhaps feet when she was done. All petting zoos and fairs with animals we have been to lately always have anti-bacterial wash for kids to clean hands properly after handling animals. FYI never saw anyone walking around without shoes in any petting zoo or any event with animals. Maybe they (the Mr. Bones pumpkin patch) people are afraid to advise celebs of rules in case they decide to make another LA pumpkin patch the “in place” for celebs and their kids.

      • My goodness, what’s wrong with US Americans? There probably are more “germs” anywhere else you go, including the playground, public transport and supermarkets. Handling animals is not like playing with toxic waste, you know, and actually helps strengthen the immune system. Yes, she should have washed her feet, but “anti-bacterial” is unnecessary – the overuse of products like that is one of the reasons why we now have multi-resistent bacteria.

        • I dont know about MORE germs but I agree there are allot of germs on the playground, in public transport and supermarkets… That is why I would always baby wipe the shopping cart where my small child could touch and/or put their mouth on. Also I as a New Yorker wash my hands everytime I get off public transport and wash my childrens hands when they finish on playground. and FYI, i stated anti-bacterial because NO 1.. that I what they have at petting zoos and NO 2. many people carrying it around and you can clean your hands WITHOUT water. There are germs everywhere but animal feces are dirty and rubbing a bunny all over you and walking in bare feet in bunny pen is not very clean. ‘NOUGH said.

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