Kody Brown & Family Welcome Child No. 17

And baby makes… 17.

Sister Wives’ reality star Kody Brown and his fourth wife Robyn welcomed a son named Solomon on Wednesday (October 25) US Weekly confirms.

This is the 17th child for the polygamist and his Mormon family.

Aspyn Brown – Kody’s daughter with wife No. 3 Christine – took to Twitter to announce the great news:

“Solomon is born!! Finally. :)”

This is the couple’s first child together. Kody’s other wives – with whom he has a combined total of now 17 children – include Janelle, Christine, and his one legal wife Meri.

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  1. I cannot believe the stupidity of these women or the arrogance of kody brown bragging about the birth of his 17th child. I would like to know who supports all these kids, pay for their medical insurance, pay morgages on four homes, feed and clothe them etc. What kind of job does he have to provide for all these kids? How will he support all of them when their stupid show is tossed off the air or will that be left to the tax payers ? This is not a religion, it is one selfish man who brainwashed four gullible women.

      • To be fair, as a general rule, I totally agree with this. However, this family did put their lives on display by going on TV. And it’s not like they’re actors or something, where their personal lives aren’t relevant to their jobs – the entire purpose of their show is to show their real life with the goal of trying to show that polygamy and polygamists are normal. So while I’m not the person who originally asked the questions, I don’t think it’s necessarily out of line to do so. If they didn’t want people asking tough questions, they should have stayed as private citizens. (In which case, I do think such questions would be out of line. I’m a live and let live person, and I think as long as everything’s consensual, all of the wives are legally adults, and all of the children are properly taken care of, then it’s no one else’s business.)

        • I disagree. Being on a reality show does not entitle the general public to have intimate details of this family’s fianances. People can’t ask what they want to ask, and this family will share what they want to share. I don’t think anyone has the right to demand answers so that they can judge whether this “lifestyle” is okay.

          There are millions of heterosexual, monogamous couples with children living below the poverty line, or without jobs, struggling to make ends meet, not able to pay the mortgage. Does that mean that their “lifestyle” is not okay because their finances are a mess? Do we have the right to demand to know how they pay their bills? What kind of job they have? Who pays for their food? I don’t think so.

          The original poster demanded to know things that are none of his/her business so that he/she could deem them worthy as a family unit or not. People can be rich or poor, smart or stupid, giving or selfish, compentant or not, and it probably doesn’t have anything to do with the “lifestyle” or type of relationship they’ve chosen.

  2. What a despicable man. So how come these “polygamist” women can’t take multiple husbands? It’s the ideas of some screwed up, selfish, misogynistic men with sex drives on overdrive (and who are man-children) who want to subjugate and control women. Maybe Kody Brown isn’t molesting young girls like Warren Jeffs but he’s bad in other ways. He has one legal wife and 3 mistresses plus more kids than anyone one family should ever have. These women need therapy. This is not religion. This is disgusting brain washing and fear-induced propaganda. He has the nerve to compare them to gay people but gay people are not trying to sell a bogus religion. I’m pretty sure God is not all that interested in whether you have 5 wives or not. Sick man.

    • You know, polygamy is not for me and is not a choice I ever see myself making, but monogamy is YOUR normal, and my normal. It’s not everyone’s, and there are many cultures, mostly in other parts of the world but also in North America where polygamy is *their* normal. And yes, there are also cultures (not many, but still) where women take on multiple husbands. For me personally, as long as the husbands/wives are consenting adults, I’m of the “live and let live” philosophy. The Browns have said multiple times that they are against arranged marriage and they don’t expect their kids to have polygamous marriages, and most of their older kids have said they don’t want to or are on the fence. Why do you get to define what’s okay for them and what’s not?

      That being said, congratulations to the family on a healthy baby boy!

  3. Congrats to them. I watch the show, and while I’m not a supporter of polygamy they do seem like a nice family. They have given a huge insight into a whole world a lot of us didn’t understand. Before I saw it, I assumed families like this all slept together and it was some kind of weird sexual thing for them and that the wives would all be naive sheep types of women, but like they say, the wives are more like sisters to eachother, and he sleeps with them all seperately (still not right in my view, but…) – and each of the 4 wives seem very intelligent and most of all the kids all seem well rounded and smart.
    So really, they aren’t hurting anyone, and while most of us don’t like the idea… we should just leave them be!!

    • I’m fascinated by this family. It’s not a lifestyle that *I* want to lead, but it’s really interesting to see how things work and to learn how they all intertwine.

      I guess most people’s first reaction is to wonder about sex, mine was too. But when you hear the women talk about them all being a support system for each other, it makes it a little easier to understand. Again, it’s not *my* thing, but to each his own.

  4. Yes Congrats Kody & Robyn -!!!REmember people your OCTOMOM is the dreamgirl -14 kids and no daddy now there’s a winner . Least Kody is starting a buisness and his kids respect them -seem to be brought up with morals and have you ever noticed his kids are very respectful -think about it ……..they dont have a morgage they RENT DUH WATCH THE SHOW BEFORE YOU REMARK.

  5. Kody’s family is not Mormon–he was kicked out of the Mormon faith when he became a polygamist. It was on one of the last episodes. What he practices is different than Mormonism, they don’t have polygamy.

  6. I am a Mormon and people of the Mormon faith do not practice polygamy any longer and have not for a great many years. They follow the laws of the land that they live in and polygamy is currently against the law in the United States.

    I personally would not live the lifestyle but it is their choice and they seem to be supporting their family fairly well. Other than the fact that it is illegal, they are not harming anyone. All of the relationships are concentual and they appear to be quite intelligent and informed in their decision to pursue the poligamist lifestyle.

    I would rather see polygamy portrayed in the form that is supposed to be used as a support system and as a concentual relationship among all involved. Rather than in the perverted forms that some of the polygamist groups, such as Warren Jeffs, use it to force young girls to marry men that they do not want to marry and basically hold them and their children hostages. It was originally implemented to help widowed women who could not care for themselves and their children on their own. It was not a sexual diviation thing at all. There were a lot of women who lost their spouses while crossing to Salt Lake City. The relationships were concentual and the first wife had to agree to live the polygamist lifestyle.

  7. i’m sorry but whether you agree with their lifestyle or not, isn’t polygamy illegal? so i think they should be forced to explain themselves. as for their kids i do feel bad for them! its selfish to have that many children they will eventually run out of time and money to foster them!

  8. i’m sorry but whether you agree with their lifestyle or not, isn’t polygamy illegal? so i think they should be forced to explain themselves. as for their kids i do feel bad for them! its selfish to have that many children they will eventually run out of time and money to foster them!

  9. These women must be so hard up to settle for that kind of life! I mean if he looked like George Cloony and had his money to boot- maybe…… but this guy looks like a creep and their lifestyle should be illegal. I feel for all 16 of his children, they don’t get a choice in the life they are born into.

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