Alex Curran: Lunching In Liverpool

Expectant model Alex Curran, 29, was seen grabbing some lunch in Liverpool, England on Wednesday (October 26).

The Daily Mirror fashion columnist – who is also the wife of English football player Steven Gerrard – cradled her baby bump as she walked across the street.

The couple are already parents to daughters Lilly-Ella, 7, and Lexie, 5.


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    • Well there are readers from all over the world and she’s well known in Britain and rest of Europe, especially his husband. It same for us Europeans there’s everyday stories about some country singers, American tv hosts and NBA/NFL players that we have never heard of before.

      Americans always forgot there’s rest of the world…

        • So people from the rest of the world can’t use it? It isn’t like the internet was created to connect the whole world, is it?

          • Of course anyone can read it. But it’s not unreasonable to expect that an American website should feature celebs familiar to Americans.

          • Well, now you know who she is, as this news post is stating exactly who the heck she is. And if you didn’t know who Steven Gerrard was, well now you know he’s a British soccer player with 2 daughters. That’s what the internet is for, to know more and more people, espcially famous ones. Chill out!

          • FAmous? You act like she’s Kate Winslet or one of the supermodels – Elle, Claudia, Miranda, Heidi. This is a d-lister at best and the majority of the site’s viewers wouldn’t know her from a hole in the ground and couldn’t care less.

            More stars please, Celeb Baby Scoop!

        • LOLOLOL You’re not serious are you?

          So what is Elton John doing in this site? or Lily Allen? or Nicole Kidman, and MANY OTHER people who are not Americans on this site?

    • Yeah, but as someone already pointed out this is an American site – you can’t expect the vast majority of us to keep up with the comings and goings of all the UK’s D-listers? Come on, we have enough of our own.

      • I know who she is and I live in North America. Maybe one of the people running this blog likes European football and therefore knows who she is.

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