Brooke Mueller’s Costume Cuties

Brooke Mueller and her sons Max (straight hair) and Bob attended the 18th Annual Dream Halloween event in Los Angeles on Saturday (October 29).

As she posed alongside her 2-year-old boys at the charity event, Brooke went braless in a sheer top. Meanwhile, the adorable twins looked too cute in their fireman costumes.

The Santa Monica party was to benefit the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation.

The boys’ father is troubled actor Charlie Sheen, who is rumored to be reconciling with their mother.

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  1. What a pig ,is this stupid to do this at a childs event.I’m sure her boys will be real proud when they get older and see these pics. I can’t believe this is even printed.

  2. Wow, she looks a little attention seeking crazy. Im sure with her past experience with the paps she knew all the camera flashes would make it possible to see through her shirt. Do feel sorry for her kids…

  3. Is it just me or does the twin on the left look nothing like either of them? The one on the right looks just like Charlie Sheen and like his half sister, Denise’s daughter Sam. But the twin on the left looks like he came from a different egg!

  4. Isn’t this a children’s event? Because only an idiot wear a top with their breasts exposed in a very tacky manner to a kid’s event. A few nights ago, I was bored and laying down watching TV. Paris Hilton’s latest show came on which Brooke is on. I have to say I have never seen a more self-entitled, arrogant, spoiled, self-pitying, victim-mentality MESS on TV (Brooke, not Paris. Well, Paris too). She blames everyone else for her drug addiction and I don’t think she cares one drop for those poor little boys. She screamed at anyone around her who didn’t tell her EXACTLY what she wanted to hear and was truly an unstable emotional mess. So, when people on here bash her, it’s hard not to agree. I hope she cuts out the selfish crap and gets her act together for her twin boys. Charlie isn’t exactly a prize himself but he also seems to have TERRIBLE choice in women!

  5. So sad and sick. Who goes braless to a public even where children are in attendance?! Plus pulling her shirt tight to purposely show them off. I feel so sad for those boys. I wish Denise could take them in. I know that would be a little insane, but at least she seems to have a stable household for her girls and she doesn’t tolerate any of of Charlie’s nonsense.

  6. She is ridiculous! I’m sure all the other Parents at this event really appreciated the manner in which she decided to conduct herself. Poor boys, both Parents are crazy and on drugs. (most of the time!)

  7. OMG….does she not own a bra- what a mess she is! Poor kids, she needs to be put back in Rehab and leave her there for good!

  8. These poor boys are doomed with her and Charlie Sheen as parents. Here’s hoping some sensible family member comes along and takes care of them soon.

  9. What a horrible role model for her children? Who dresses like that with kids at a children’s event??? She looks like she is on drugs. I feel really sorry for those kids.

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