Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson: Bump Up Beverly Hills

It’s a Beverly Hills bump!

Expectant parents Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson walked hand in hand as they left an office building in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Sunday (October 30). The 31-year-old mom-to-be cradled her belly as the happy couple walked to their car.

The blonde singer/fashionista has remained mum on the pregnancy rumors, even amidst her growing baby bump.

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  1. This couple is just blech! He’s a mooch, and she will continue popping babies out to be significant. Notice how before she was pregnant, nobody photographed her and you never heard of her in the news since her engagement. She does nothing now, so she’s got to keep money flowing in somehow…. She keeps calling the paps to have them photograph her. Good luck getting child support from him in the future Jessica! Btw, what does he do for a living? Nothing?

  2. With her established fashion sense, I guess we’re lucky this fashionista chose NOT to put on either a skirt or pair of pants or trousers. Could she even consider a maternity dress or other properly fitting clothing if she’s not in the family way?

  3. Every comment on here so far is negative- even if she isn’t making music, her clothing, purses, shoes and skin care are keeping her relevant and she is incredibly successful. When you are pregnant you don’t always feel good and sometimes you don’t always look your best, it’s just how it is. Cut her some slack and be happy for her. Having a baby is a blessing a happy time for couples.

  4. Give her a break on the outfit. She’s pregnant, she can dress in ugly “comfy-wear” half the time. I know I would. I can even forgive the leggings a bit more than I normally forgive leggings, because my guess is that leggings are forgiving for a pregnant, growing body. Just as long as she wears long tops over them. No one needs to see stretchy, straining crotch/butt seams.

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