Gisele Bündchen’s Benjamin: Bundled Up In Boston

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady were seen walking from their brownstone apartment to their car in Boston, Mass. on Monday (October 31). The couple were heading out by themselves, leaving their 1 1/2-year-old son Benjamin behind.

The toddler wasn’t stuck inside for too long. He later was spotted being pushed in the stroller by his nanny.

The leggy model has said Boston is her home.

I’m a Cancer, see. I’m home-loving. I really enjoy feeling safe, in my own environment, surrounded by the people I love … This place — it’s my oasis. The kung fu I do here, the t’ai chi, it’s like a metaphor for my life … Y’know, my eldest, Jack [as her stepson, John, is called], he’s gonna be starting [kung fu] this fall.”

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  1. You’re a homebody but you can’t be bothered to take care of your own kids. Right? I like this woman less the more she talks. It was neat when she still had an aura of cool about her, but her ignorance pours out with every thought she utters publicly!

    • Uh, hello, being a “homebody” just means she doesn’t go out and party all the time. She still has a demanding job, as does her husband. There are obviously times when they can’t both be there to take care of him, and there is nothing wrong with having a nanny for that.

  2. This is her friend from Brazil and mid wife, who helped deliver Benjamin, her name is Marta or Maria. I read it in Vogue UK,.

  3. her kid is always with her, they just got back from Jamaica. Tom and Gisele were moving into their new house in Boston on this same day, not necessarily a kid friendly environment. and how dare you say (kids) plural. *sarcasm* if you were Gisele we would blast you.

  4. Let’s not analyze everything she says, its only making her more powerful according to Forbes. People hire her because she;’s good business. She sells. Gisele is lovely she didn’t sell her baby’s photos to the cheap tabloids like OK magazine. Nor her wedding photos. her and tom dont talk about their bedroom lives in interviews like so many celebs. Theyre so refreshing in Kardashian crazy Hollyweird land.

  5. this is her best friend she’s known since childhood from Brazil. Its pretty much like a family member watching over her child while they move into their new home. Some comments appall me though. I mean reading some comments you would think Gisele were a child abuser! She’s done nothing but great things for her child and includes her step son. She means well. Until I hear stories of abuse,neglect,molestation she is a saint in my eyes. I was abused as a kid and she seems loving! I would have loved to have someone care for me the way she seems to care for her child and step child!!!

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