Jessica Simpson Confirms Pregnancy

Jessica Simpson has finally confirmed the obvious – she’s pregnant with her first child!

The 31-year-old singer and fashionista made the official announcement today on her website. “It’s True! I am going to be a mummy!”

While cradling her baby bump, the I Wanna Love You Forever singer – who is engaged to NBA star Eric Johnson – also dressed up in a mummy Halloween costume in a photograph accompanying the happy news.

Jessica has been at the center of swirling pregnancy rumors for weeks now – but until today has remained mum.

Congratulations to the Simpson-Johnson family!

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    • No, she’s an unwed mummy or at least is at the taking of this photo, which photo, by the way, is the very best photo I’ve ever seen of her. She’s the prettiest unwed mummy I’ve ever seen.

    • So what? Welcome to the modern world!! This isn’t the 1950s (or the 1850s) where someone, or a couple, needs to be ashamed of not being married. Many “unmarried” couples have been together for years and years, longer than most marriages. Are you going to say unmarried mothers/parents burn in hell now too? How about not being so incredibly ignorant?

      • yes and that’s super funny how she is the daughter of a preacher! what’s even more funny is that his other girl had that “shot gun” wedding to that guy that has his picture taken at starbuck’s everyday.

        • was the Virgin Mary married to God? Maybe she was devoted to him but was there a paper saying it? NO So when 2 people are devoted to eachother they dont need a paper to say they can have a child.

          Congrats Jessica! You will not be any less of a mother for not being married at conception.

  1. Its become obvious the smallest bit of news the media has to report on.
    Congratulations to her and I wish her all the best.
    Becoming a mummy (no pun intended) its a beautiful thing to experience.

    • lol lol lol reading your post i realized she is dressed as a mummy!

      congrats to jessica, i’m really happy about her!!

  2. Really, a bit of a non story made all the more distasteful after the rumors about her wanting to sell the rights to this news for a large sum of money surfaced.

    For once I wish this family would concentrate on what is important, not money or media. You would have thought she would have learned from her failed televised marriage.

  3. I agree..VERY CUTE way to announce her pregnancy!! Congrats to her =) and who cares if she isn’t married…she isn’t the first and she won’t be the last…big deal.

  4. congrats 🙂 …. there’s nothing wrong with being an unwed mummy! she’s engaged anyways so what does it matter?! goshhh.

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