Neil Patrick Harris’ Happy Halloween

Cutest costumes ever?

Neil Patrick Harris took to Twitter yesterday to share this absolutely adorable Halloween photo. It looks like the family-of-four dressed up with a Peter Pan theme, with NPH going as Captain Hook, his partner David Burtka as Peter and their twins Gideon and Harper as Smee and Tinkerbell. What a great idea!

The How I Met Your Mother star is back on the big screen in A Very Harold & Kumar 3-D Christmas – alongside his handsome partner, who has a cameo in the flick. So what was it like to work together?

“We don’t really act together, we just live together and we certainly exist together, like all the time, but acting… it was weird, because we just exist on a different level,” Neil tells Access Hollywood. “I’m very proud of him and I think he came across very well in the movie… He’s a funny guy.”


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      • I agree. Look how many children are raised in this country without a father in their lives. These kids have two dedicated parents. You could do a lot worse.

    • They have 2 parents who love them, some kids don’t even have that. Your comment is rude and offensive and should be deleted.

      • Agreed. Geezum, aren’t people over the whole gay thing yet? I have no idea how these days are, but there are plenty of gay parents parenting better than some straight parents. It’s all about the person, not who they love.

      • Its not rude or offensive- its an opinion and it makes more sense than yours. Every child deserves to be brought up by a mother and father why is it that it takes both to conceive one- think about it..

        • Pretty much every higher organism – bird, mammal, fish – requires a male and female to conceive their offspring, but how many species can you name where both parents bring up the offspring? Not many. Fertilizing an egg is a different skill set to parenting a baby. Think about it…

        • It doesn’t take a mother and a father to conceive a baby. It takes an egg and a sperm. It’s not the same thing at all.

        • People like you are ignorant. Yes it takes a sperm and an egg to make a baby but it has never taken a mom and a dad to raise a baby.

          Widows and Widowers do it every day and have since the start of time.

          I think your comment is offensive not just to same sex couples but to widows and widowers too.

          By the way – in the words of my MOTHER, “If you don’t have anything nice to say… keep your mouth shut” and my FATHER, “Do unto others as you want done unto you” so unless you are willing to post stuff about your family…

          • And you know this because you’ve studied it? You’ve done the research? You can prove this to be true? No? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

        • OMG I totally agree!!! All those teen moms and their boyfriends are surely better parents than Neil and David, just because there’s a mother and a father! It’s science! Think about it.

          • ZOMG I agree!!!! I mean obviously, a really abusive mother and a father that doesn’t care is WAY better than two loving parents of the same sex! It is pure science!

  1. A gorgeous family. Two committed parents who love and take care of their children. The children are so cute in their costumes.
    Agree. nice biceps, David is a hottie

  2. David Burtka is an HIMYM alum as well. He’s scooter 🙂

    Harper and Gideon are the cutest babies. They have the cutest chubby cheeks.

  3. I know both Patrick and and David each have a bio baby but who’s who I was think maybe the daughter is David’s bio and the boy is Patrick’s but does anyone know for sure.

  4. I suggest that the discrimination of gays is still going on? :^(. For the ones of you who said that these kids need a mother and father. YOU GUYS ARE PATHETIC. These children are healthy and happy. The one who said the teen parents are better parents than them. That’s really pathetic. You can’t compare them with teen parents. Neil and David are better parents than any teen parent. I mean look how happy the babies are.
    Think about that.

    Sad that not everyone thinks the same. :^(
    You guys are all haters. Letting people agree with you and saying that the babies need a mother. If you don’t like them, than why do you even give comments about them? Is ignoring to hard?

    • in reference to the teen parents comment i’m about 99% sure that it was pure SARCASM on their part, they obviously knew that NPH and David were better parents.

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