Orlando & Flynn: Bloom In Love

Can he get any cuter? And baby Flynn is pretty adorable, too.

Orlando Bloom strapped on a baby carrier and took an urban stroll with his 11-month-old son in New York City on Friday (November 4). The actor paused frequently to snuggle with Flynn and kiss his head, which caused many women in a five-block radius to swoon and faint. At least that’s what I’d expect would happen.

Something else to swoon about: Orlando’s wife Miranda Kerr recently revealed this about her romantic husband. “One of the most thoughtful things [was] when Orlando and I had written all these love letters to each other. Then one year, he had them framed for me, like all the little notes!” she said. “It was very cute.”

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  1. Incredibly cute these two! I, for one, see a lot of Miranda in Flynn, actually. Especially in the first picture. 🙂

  2. Flynn is nine months now on Sunday he will be ten months, he’s birthday is January 6. Because nephew was bore as same year as flynn.He turned nine months on October 30.Flynn He’s so adorable.

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