Michelle Duggar Is Pregnant With Baby No. 20

Twenty kids and counting!

Big news for the Duggar family this morning! Michelle Duggar, and her husband Jim Bob, announced on TODAY that she is currently pregnant with the family’s 20th child.

“We are so excited,” says Michelle, now 45-years-old and 3 ½-months pregnant. “I was not thinking that God would give us another one, and we are just so grateful.”

After battling preeclampsia during her last pregnancy – resulting in an early delivery of her youngest daughter – the reality star mother says she knows it was “a miracle”. Thankfully, a very healthy baby Josie will celebrate her 2nd birthday this December.

Last summer, Michelle spoke with TODAY about the ordeal:

The precious life that we see here is not a coincidence. I just know that it is a miracle. I don’t take that for granted. I know that God is the one who gives life, and I’m just so grateful and thankful. We would welcome another if He saw fit, but we’ll wait and see.

Michelle and her husband are parents to Joshua, Jana, John-David, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna, Jedidiah, Jeremiah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn-Grace & Josie, who range in age from 23-years to 23-months.

Congratulations to the Duggar brood!

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  1. Absolutely ridiculous. These kids are going to end up with no mother:( There is only so much the human body can take.

    • I learned in an anthropology class in college that the female body can biologically not carry more than 24 full-term pregnancies. Wonder if Michelle will push those findings.

      • Google search states that the world record for live children born to one mother is 69 children from 27 pregnancies……no fertility drugs used because this occurred in the 1700’s in Russia. Another statement indicates a neighbor who had 41 living children from 48 pregnancies. I have never heard Michelle talk about trying to break any records!

  2. If they ended up with no mother they would think it’s “God’s will”. I’m not promoting or agreeing with what they are doing, but it’s their religious belief that keeps them going I guess.

    • they should of taken ‘gods’ hint with josie….maybe if this one and the next one and the next one are born at 15 or 16 weeks they get it.
      when your kids are having babies, then its time for you to stop.

      • You are disgusting. What happened with Josie was a freak occurrence that ALSO happened to her during her first twin pregnancy (I think) and could happen to ANYONE.

        My best friend had pre-eclampsia during her first pregnancy. Guess God was trying to tell her something huh?

        Some women can’t get pregnant at all. Guess God is trying to tell them something, too?

          • Um, God gave of us free will and choice. He just knows what will happen. I don’t agree with them having more babies, but they have the right to choose to do so.

        • what michelle is doing is extreamly irresposible and dangerous…if she has a down sydrome baby will she make the older girls take take of that one also,do all the cooking cleaning, and take care of a special needs kid…her kids dont go to college, dont go to school at all sit in front of a computer to teach themselves.. dont play sports, rarely go anywhere..what a joke..only its not funny anymore and noone is laughing

        • that’s her belief, that god controls her life. god is making her pregnant, so it only makes sense that she should take it as a hint when her last kid was born so early, and without MEDICINE (not ‘god’) she wouldn’t have survived. so she shoud take the hint and give it a rest.
          i dont think god is telling anyone anything, your friend probably had a biological reason for what happened to her baby. there are many reasons why people cant get pregnant. this crazy lady has a biological reason for what happened to her baby too, but she doesn’t want to believe that. people will do what they want and use the excuse of god to get away with it. thats why the idea of god was thought up in the first place, that and so people can be conforted after a death of a loved one.

  3. I don’t know why but this just makes me nauseous (and not because I’m pregnant too lol!)….seriously, just stop already…babies ARE a huge blessing but this many is getting ridiculous.

  4. The Duggars are now expecting their 20th child?! I’m not one to comment on others’ family and parental choices but how can these two possibly give each of their children all of the love and attention that they so need and deserve?

    • I agree, I don’t care if they have 20 more babies. But, from what I’ve seen Michelle doesn’t “mother” her children. She passes the babies off to the newest little one to a “minder”; one her older girls. That’s not being a full engaged parent. There is no way she giving all those children that personal mom time they need.

      • Not unlike most American women who pass off their babies to daycare workers. Hey, let’s all a spade a spade here. We’re so self-righteous when we judge others, when we really should just be focusing on our own families.

        • The ones getting shortchanged are the older daughters who are forced to care for the younger ones. They are unpaid labor and have no choice about it. They are being taught that their only value is as caretakers for children. They are not being given a proper education. They are being deprived of any real choice in how to live their own lives. That is wrong.

        • daycare is for working families, not for people who want to have 100 kids and cant take care of them. you’re comparing apples to oranges. needing daycare so you can work for a living isnt the same as forcing teenagers to be parental figures to their siblings, just so you can keep popping them out and get a tv show.

          • So it’s okay for you to dump your kids off with a stranger to care for them so you can work to buy crap you don’t need (obviously a computer for one thing), but it’s not okay for these people to have their own children feed the smaller ones lunch or give them a bath or teach them 2+2?

          • lol, wow you sound like a complete moron! how about the other ‘things i dont need’ like a house and food? are you going to pay for those for me?

            so lets see, the dugars have a choice, to stop having kids, that solves their problem of not being able to watch them. what are the choices for families that work? leave their kids alone? quit their jobs and go on welfare? which one should i do? think a little before you type sweetie, you’re ignorance is showing. i bet you’re on welfare, i bet my taxes paid for your computer 🙂

          • The Duggars ARE taking care of their children. Many people who use daycare do not NEED to work, but are used to the “good life” and therefore pawn their kids off every day to other caregivers, (many of which are young, minimum wage workers) so they can maintain their lifestyles. I would rather have older siblings care for the wee ones than detached strangers.

          • ok then in that case, if people are putting their kids in daycare so they can have some free time then yes, you are right. but i’ve never known anyone to do that. everyone I know has to have daycare so they can make a living.

  5. This is very ridiculous! I mean come on how can you give the attention children need when you have soooo many; especially the “wee-ones”, as Michelle calls them. Michelle and Jim-Bob seem like wonderful parents and their 19 children seem wonderful in manners and spirit, but this must be hard for the kids to have to share the attention with so many other siblings.

    I wonder what they’ll name number 20…we all know it’ll begin with a ‘J’. Jana, Joy-Anna and Johannah are like the same name in my book, come on! James is named after Jim Bob, James Robert, …7 sons later, haha.


    • Thinking back to my grandmother’s family–on my, she was one of 17 children (back in the early 1900s) whose mother grew her own food (and, children had to help–with the family garden, the animals on the farm, and the boys helped dad in the fields ), washed clothes for this brood without the aid of electricity or running water in the home, cooked her own food on a stove for which she had to chop the wood, took care of her live-in aging parents, etc., etc. while her dad ran a farm, raised muskrats for sale, bought a hotel which his wife and older daughters ran,…how much time do you think these moms had to “give the attention they need to the wee ones”? And yet, these children, who had chores to do, parents who were busy working hard to survive, and lots of siblings (!!!) are the very generation which grew up to become, in the words of Tom Brokaw, the “Greatest Generation”, people whose caring for others extended beyond themselves and their own immediate wants and demands to the point of being willing to fight for freedom the world over. I think we as Americans over the past 30 years have had such ease of life (and the “benefit” of psychotherapists) that we have deluded ourselves into thinking that children need to have constant attention from doting parents and have all of their childish demands met. This has produced a generation of demanding, selfish, dependent quasi-adults, who have the mentality that nothing is their fault or the consequence of their decisions, and that the world owes them a good life. I totally suppport Jim Bob and Michelle; the values they are instilling in their children are the opposite of this selfish, “me-centered” philosophy that has invaded American culture. I see their children happy, caring, interested in the world around them and willing to expend time and energy to volunteer in their community; I also see that Jim and Michelle aren’t asking for handouts or using government subsidies to care for their kids, but work hard to provide for them. Thrifty, hard-working, generous, responsible for themselves, caring for others, and faithful to God….I would be happy to have them as neighbors and friends.

      • sometimes kids with no parental guidance or attention turn out ok (as the case of your grandma), but MOST of the time they don’t. its not a chace ill be taking with my kids. think of all the kids who grow up to be drug dealers and thiefs because they had no one to raise them. look at the overall statistics, not a few isolated cases. MANY things were different in the 1900’s, you can’t compare that time to the present.

        • Think of all the kids with doting overprotective parents who grow up to be drug dealers and thieves…..my grandma WAS raised, she just wasn’t raised in the “modern” set of values that our cultures defines as necessary today. Check your stats….

          • lol, so your solution is a time machine then? I don’t think you know what you’re argueing about here……..more isn’t better in THIS time. Maybe it was for your grandma, but we can’t go back to the 1900’s and that culture.

        • The issue you have with the Duggars is their, in your opinion, inability to spend enough time with each child. That is my point when giving the example of my grandparents;since we are talking about the same issue, it is totally appropriate to compare that time to the present. I would dare say that Michelle spends more time with her kids than the average mom, especially one who works outside the home. She is almost always with them.

      • Finally, some one on this comment board who gets it!!!!! This world is falling apart because of people who don’t get that putting God first, others second and ourselves last is the true way to joy.

  6. This is kind of sad. Didn’t they almost lose their last baby? A woman can only SAFELY carry so many babies and obviously she is past that point. Just because you can have something doesn’t mean God was in the mix people.

    • The complications she had during the birth of her last baby had NOTHING to do with how many previous pregnancies she had, and could happen to ANYONE even with their first baby.

  7. seriously agree with everyone!!!!! obviously I dont hope she dies during birth, but something that renders her sterile would be a nice compensation! they are disgusting and i’d be surprised if she could name all her children properly.. just stop is right!

    • Did you just wish someone sterile? Just because you or I don’t choose to live like them and their “it takes a village” mentality, that’s pretty harsh to wish sterility on someone. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Don’t be ridiculous – after 20 children, it shouldn’t really be too hard on someone to become sterile… Sterility is only painful if you can’t have any children at all. If it’s still painful to you not to be able to have more children after no.20, it is safe to say that you need help, not another pregnancy.

      • Oh god forbid she becomes sterile after this one!! The POOR lady, only able to have 20 children!!! That just wouln’t be fair! Think about what you’re saying, I think you just want something to argue about….

  8. I do agree with you all, I personally think its ridiculous..BUT…that being said I’ve seen the show & they are really good parents, & they have really good kids..they can afford them so if they want that many… its their business. I just hope this baby doesn’t have to struggle like Josie did…that was sad…glad she is doing well now though. =)

    • I have to agree with you. It would be nothing that I would do or think is the right way…but this is their belief and they have a strong family. And this is America where people are allowed to choose how to live their own lives. The kids don’t seem to be suffering and look like they are getting plenty of attention. So who I am to judge?? There are plenty of families with one or two children who don’t spend time with them. I don’t think the number is the problem. I don’t see where the number is key to a problem.

  9. Funny how so many strangers, whose lives will not be affected in any way by this family’s choices, have such strong opinions about what the family should do. No one decides for you how many children you will or will not have, so live and let live.


  10. Ach.
    While I don’t have anything against this family or their beliefs – I think this is ridiculous.
    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think they have “more than they can handle”, or that these kids are losing out on one on one time etc – my problem is that their last child BARELY made it out alive. She was born so early she weighed just over 1lb. They are risking both Michelle’s life and this baby’s life – they really need to stop while they are still making healthy babies.
    Josie was their sign from God…

    • The complications she had during the birth of her last baby had NOTHING to do with how many previous pregnancies she had, and could happen to ANYONE even with their first baby.

  11. obviously – i hope the pregnancy goes well and that mom and baby are healthy.

    BUT SERIOUSLY – i could not imagine wanting to set a record so bad, that i would sacrifice my children’s happiness and childhood and force them to pretty much raise their younger siblings, so that i can only attend to the newest child. it’s just sick.

    also – as a pp said – once your children are having kids – it’s time for you to STOP.

    and one last thing – i think it’s really odd that they have at least one daughter who IS old enough to be on her own, yet she CHOOSES to continue to live at home and be treated this way. it’s like they’re all brainwashed =/

  12. As a big fan of their show, I congratulate the Duggars! I can honestly say that they do an amazing job raising their family – they are financially secure & all the kids are homeschooled & show the values we’d all like our kids to have. And – there’ not a throwaway in the bunch!

  13. Unlike a good portion of people getting pregnant these days, the Duggar’s can actually support their children. As long as you can take care of your own doings… I say go for it!

    • Yeah, go for it even if it kills you and the baby! As long as you can afford it and the doctor bills, who cares.

  14. 1) I don’t mean to judge or to be nasty, but i think the more kids they will have= the more money they will receive, the more people will want to watch them, so the more famous they will become.
    They are relishing it.

    2) i think they are being selfish, their children need a mother, there’s only so much a human body can go through, same goes for animals which is why we get them done!

    Overall they seem like a fantastic family, they’ve just lost their a way a little.

  15. Josie, the youngest one, nearly died after being born 3 months before the due date. HOW can these two do that again, puting their own baby in danger ? Disgusting.

    • Because, if you knew anything about what happened, you’d know that the complications she had during the birth of her last baby had NOTHING to do with how many previous pregnancies she had, and could happen to ANYONE even with their first baby.

      • i doubt that….her cervix is probably so stretched out the kid just fell out. her body is trying to tell her something, but she’s too brainwashed to listen.

    • I work as a nurse in the NICU and you would not believe how many ‘repeat customers’ we have. There are many families out there who have children who nearly die and go on to expand their family and face the possible death of a second or third child. I have taken care of babies born at 23 weeks who have had siblings born at 25, 26 and even 24 weeks, it is a lot more common than people might think.

  16. This is disgusting. I’m sure they’ll think that we’re all casting stones and judging them but to me, this is morally reprehensible and absolutely revolting. Why not adopt if they want more children? God knows that many MANY children need homes. Their last baby almost died and clearly has residual issues (seizures, slow to develop, etc.,) and they are tempting fate again? This is not “God’s Will” but the ignorance and stupidity of two fools. When another baby comes out with serious complications just like the last one, maybe they’ll reconsider. Disgusting people and disgusting family.

  17. I can’t wait till one of their kids comes out as gay. You know it’s going to happen. It’s going to make their fundie brains explode.

  18. This is just sad,especially for this new child and the children they already have. They cannot have a normal life this way.

    What if one of her children turns out to be infertile? Will that be God’s will too?

  19. 20 children! Too much. If they were adopted, i would say: what a miracle of goodness to give future to so much kids, but to do 1 thing and appear on TV or media every time with smile on face… Maybe only I make a bad taste connection, but i think this is not the way: dance, sing, help people. This is not the right way to have attention.

    • That’s an interesting point you bring up. Had they adopted 20 children, no one would blink, so how dare everyone judge them so harshly because they birthed 20 children instead? It boggles the mind.

      • Cause if she had adopted a child, it wouldn’t have been that selfish cause
        1) Adopting takes so much time
        2) Not everyone can adopt … and seeing how she pretty much ignores her younger kids, social workers wouldn’t allow her to adopt that much kids
        3) Anyway, cause of her religious views, she “has” to give birth to as many kids as she can. Not adopt. Cause some believe that adopting a child is wrong ….

      • People would judge them for adopting 20 children and they should. That is even worse. Parents who give up their children want then to go to good homes, not homes with 19 other kids and a mom and dad who can’t possibly pay attention to them.

      • Maybe ur right, but my mother is a teacher of 15 kids. She says its a nightmare- unpossible to pay attention to everyone. What about giving normal life to kid in a family with 19 other kids? So, why, if not for TV or cause they are crazy, are they continueing making kids? Why this punishment to every kid? noone deserves a family, wher he is unvisible. Of course, i am judging them, cause i have noright to say: its not a punishment, its a luxus life to live like this. I feel, i wil not be fair. Infront of myself. Cheers.

  20. It’s amazing what people will do when there’s dead presidents involved. I say neuter what’s his name, and put a stop to this madness. Seeing just how many kids you can breed is not considered entertainment in my book.

  21. I don’t understand why people have such a hate for this family. It’s their choice in how they live. You aren’t paying for their children (unlike thousands of other families on welfare who can’t support the 1 child they have) and they don’t even have any debt. Can you say that yourself?

    You haven’t known any woman who has a premature baby or a complication with her pregnancy and decide to have another baby? Who says that Michelle is going to die with this pregnancy. She actually had pre-eclampsia once before with one of her earlier pregnancies but a lot of people don’t know that.

    And as for the older children, most families assign their children chores and ways that they can help out around the house. It can’t be that bad in the Duggar house considering none of the older kids have rebelled and moved away even though there are some over 18 yrs old (the oldest is the only one out of the house when he got married) Don’t you think if the kids were that unhappy that at least one of them would rebel and move out?

    I would never have 20 kids myself but I would never be like you other people and call a family stupid or ignorant becuase they are allowing God to take over their life and believe all children are a gift from God. Truthfully I’m more worried about the single mothers who continue to have children with different boyfriends and sponge off the government to live than a happy and healthy family who love and support their children.

    • Damn straight Tiffany. These children are all responsible and well behaved too-every last one! Oh how soooo many people, including married couples just let their kids run around like animals and give them whatever they want. Then when jr. messes up, it’s not his fault-it’s his add or some other lack of discipline bs excuse for not being a responsible parent. You all want to throw stones at the Duggars? You wish them sterile? You are some judgemental, bitter ass, jealous people. If you had a great, debt free, long lasting secure marriage and family life and a speck of faith, maybe the Duggar family could give a rat’s ass about your opinions.

  22. She is pregnant only for one reason: they feel that sex should be only for procreation…They were not planning to have another baby, they just had sex (because they were sexual excited), but they accepted she is pregnant because anticonceptionals are wrong etc etc…
    I don’t want to judge anyone but I think it’s a selfish lifestyle and it doesn’t make (any) sense…Didn’t they realized it was “too much” with their last pregnancy?

    • Let’s repeat this, because no one seems to care that the complications she had during the birth of her last baby had NOTHING to do with how many previous pregnancies she had, and could happen to ANYONE even with their first baby.

      And what kind of a hypocrit says “I don’t want to judge”… then proceeds to judge away?!?!?!?

      • Alright. WE UNDERSTAND YOUR POINT BUT YOU DO NOT NEED TO WRITE IT 08320482 TIMES. I don’t know if you are the same anon, but I bet you are …. so please, yes it had nothing to do with the fact that she had many kids … but still. She has way too much kids and even if Josie was still fragile, she still wanted to have another child. How selfish ?

      • In fact I’m not judging anyone, I just told my own opinion without being offensive such as many other people. You are right, complications happen, but the incidence noticeably INCREASE when you are 43 and you had 19 previous pregnancies.
        (is simple)

      • In fact I’m not judging anyone, I just told my own opinion without being offensive such as many other people. You are right, complications happen, but the incidence noticeably INCREASE when you are 43 and you had 19 previous pregnancies.(is simple)

        • I don’t necessarily disagree with you (I think these people are awful), but you need to learn what the word “judge” means. You absolutely judged them. It has nothing to do with whether you intended to offend, or whether it’s an opinion. You called them selfish. That is a judgement. You don’t get to evade criticism just because something is your opinion. Opinions can be misguided, offensive, and wrong, and when they are, they deserve to be called out for it.

      • God your annoying. You sound like a broken record. It might not have anything to do with how many pregnancies she’s had but it does have to do with how old she is. Her age carries risks including preeclampsia. Please just shut up.

        • What are the health risks of a large number of pregnancies to a woman’s body?
          Dysfunctional Labor, Postpartum Hemorrhage, Heart Attack & Stroke, Preeclampsia, Placenta Previa, Uterine Prolapse & Rupture, Gallbladder Disease, Anemia & Nutritional Deficiencies, Blood Clots, Death. Just to name a few.
          Too many pregnancies, pregnancy in women over age 35 and births too close together all increase the risk of maternal death.
          Do you still think the number of her pregnancy have nothing to do with what happened? “So please shut up”

  23. I am a huge fan of the Duggar family! While it is not my personal decision to not use birth control and be blessed with many children, I do think that they do a fantastic job and that their kids are genuinely happy. I choose not to get angry just because I don’t understand why they would choose this as opposed to adopting, however, every person makes their own decisions and the kids they raise will be an asset to any community they live in. If the kids are not being hurt I don’t see the harm in a family having more kids that they obviously can take care of. Josie’s early arrival may be from age and the amount of babies she already has given birth to, but I know many other families that have had babies born early when it is their first or second child. Yay Duggars! Congratulations on your latest pregnancy! I’m hoping for a safe and long pregnancy for you!

  24. come on now they’are being ridiculous ! They don’t even take care of the babies, the older brothers and sister do !!! It’s just not fair to them !!! Immagine being the first one… She must have raised a whole bunch of her brothers and sisters instead of just being a normal teen

    • What is a normal teen? Someone preoccupied with themselves, their clothes, their friends, and always trying to impress those around them? Someone who is having premarital sex with whomever they date? Someone who is 16, single and pregnant? SOmeone who smokes, drinks and/or takes drugs? Obviously not all American teens are like this, but so many are, I can see why you would think this is normal and that the poor Duggar teenagers are aren’t having a normal life. Their parents actually teach them morals, expect them to live them, and are there to protect and encourage their teens through these years of transition.

  25. Theirs is a religious devotion and we here in America have the right to freedom of religion. No one can dictate how many children is the right amount. If you can afford them and don’t exist by living off the government so be it.

    • Freedom of religion seems to only apply in this country when the majority of people agree with that religion. The people on this message board are appalling in their judgment, ridicule and meanness over someone else’s life.

      Orthodox Jews won’t allow women to sit next to a man on a public bus, they make the women sit in the back. I don’t agree with it, I wouldn’t live like that, but if they want to, they are FREE to do so and are not hurting me.

      Polygamists believe that one man should marry more than one woman and have as many children as possible. I don’t agree with it, I wouldn’t live like that, but if they want to, they are FREE to do so and are not hurting me.

      Catholics don’t let women perform any of the sacraments and don’t believe in birth control. I don’t agree with it, I wouldn’t live like that, but if they want to, they are FREE to do so and are not hurting me.

  26. The parents don’t let their kids watch TV but they sure don’t stop the filming for them to BE on TV. I can see Josh and Anna going down this same road (with “M” names……). Did any of you see the story where one of the younger Duggar boys fell face-first off a 12-ft stage and the FIRST thing Michelle did was get out her iPhone and record the poor kid with busted teeth and a bloody nose? I hope for the baby’s sake, the pregnancy is a healthy one but enough is enough.

  27. Why were these people given a tv show? why support such irresponsible behaviour. They are not living on their own planet and are self-sufficient, they are making use of resources on a daily basis. Don’t we already have population growth that can not be sustained. Can’t these dummies think beyond their God’s will slogans.

  28. Another child means a larger paycheck from TLC! Honestly, I think Michelle Duggar is addicted to being pregnant. I think it’s very selfish of her (and her husband) to keep having babies, and then depend on the older children to help out with them.

    • I think you are confusing your facts…it is the welfare system in this country that pays a woman for each child she has…therefore the more chldren one has while on welfare, the more government money comes your way…..

  29. Just few words: body’s biologic limits, parent-child time, silly beliefs on the matter of sex and religion, ruining your child’s childhood, endangered baby-to-be-born, etc.
    They are so wrong in so many ways. They should be ashamed of being so selfish, and their children should tell them what they really think of all that.
    They have children in so many different ages, how can they help them to grow up properly if they’re not even there for them? A child, even an almost adult one, can’t replace a parent. And they should admit that they really enjoy having sex.

  30. Just few words: body’s biologic limits, parent-child time, silly beliefs on the matter of sex and religion, ruining your child’s childhood, endangered baby-to-be-born, etc.
    They are so wrong in so many ways. They should be ashamed of being so selfish, and their children should tell them what they really think of all that.
    They have children in so many different ages, how can they help them to grow up properly if they’re not even there for them? A child, even an almost adult one, can’t replace a parent. And they should admit that they really enjoy having sex.

    • I completely agree with you. I’ve never felt so disgusted in my whole life. They are doing this out of selfishness, and I believe that they do not use protection when they have sex which is why they have so many kids.

      To be honest though, I love large families. As an only child, I do want to have a large family by adopting a lot of children. BUT Michelle Duggar and his husband DO NOT care for all the kids equally. If this upcoming baby survives, they will focus on him/her and forget about the others. I’ve watched the shows and the kids are so cute. But they do not behave well, they are not educated, I doubt their cleanness and most importantly, the parents don’t care about them.

      I feel bad for the kids. They are brainwashed to believe that what their parents is doing is okay. I bet some of the older girls know that it is wrong but it feels like they can’t say it. It is sad and sick.

      Anyway, this is just my opinion.

      • You believe they don’t use protection? Well…. DUH!!!!!!!!

        Here’s another newsflash, braniac. Most kids grow up not believing 100% in what they’re parents believe and have forced down their throats their whole life.

  31. I think it’s her body, her baby, her money, her life so I can’t really judge. But here is what bugs me the most. She developed pre-clampsia with Josie which has a high percentage of reoccurance once you’ve already have it. Doesn’t mean she will but the potential is certainly there.
    I don’t understand their beliefs then again it’s not for me to understand but I will say that I think they’re being selfish. They have 19 healthy children and so far 2 healthy grandkids. Why risk your own life, the life of your unborn child, and the risk of leaving 19 kids behind? Pre-Clampsia is a life threatening condition to mothers so yes Michelle Duggar can die!
    That being said teh children are well taken care of. I see Jim and Michelle interact with the kids often. I do think the buddy system is a load of crock but for them it works. I just wish they’d let their kids think for themselves. I can’t help but think how brainwashed they all are. It’s one thing to have beliefs but it’s also another to not be so ignorant about them.

    • All kids are religiously brainwashed by their parents. All of them. If you are raising your kids as Catholics right now, you are brainwashing them. If you are raising them as Muslims, still brainwashing. If you’re raising them to believe in Voodoo, still the same brainwashing.

      The Duggars choose to brainwash their kids as Quiverfulls. That’s their right and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why everyone gets so up in arms about it.

  32. I am a fan of the Duggar’s and although they are a lovely falimy & have many kids Enough already !!!!
    I thought the last pregnancy was bad enough i just hope this baby is healthy as i personally don’t think Michelle’s body can take any more pregnancys !!
    Just enjoy what you have and your many grandchildren that will come along !!!!!!!!

  33. With the millions of childen out there who need adopted, and the millions of couples desperately trying to have children who can’t, these people are just a disgrace. There are two words for what needs to happen to these people, and it’s called “mandatory sterilization.” They sicken me. I would hope they sicken God too, because no God I believe in would condone what they are doing while there are starving children out there in need of good homes.

    • You seem to have everything figured out to solve the world’s problems so I have one question for you. Why can’t “the millions of childen out there who need adopted” be adopted by “the millions of couples desperately trying to have children who can’t”? Then the problem is solved, right?

    • Mandatory sterilization? So you think it’s okay for ME to decide if YOU need to be sterilized? Because that’s what you’re talking about and THAT, my dear, is the disgrace. You know what else is a disgrace? That YOU have decide what God does and does not condone. Wow. Just wow.

      And if there are so many needy kids in the world that need to be adopted, go adopt 20 of them and stop projecting on other people what YOU think they should do.

  34. Unbelievable. I love this family, and their children. I think they’ve raised all of their children right, and with a lot of love, but we get it now. They can have babies – tons of them! Michelle shouldn’t put herself or her unborn baby at risk like this, that is so irresponsible! It also risks her other 19 children lives and her 2 grandchildren. God expects us to use wisdom, and this is not wise.

    • Do you **really** think that’s the reason they have such a large family?

      They already had 15 or 16 by the time the original special about their family aired. Do you honestly believe that the only reason they have more is for television?

      This family is extremely religious and has never waivered even a tiny bit on what they believe in or how they raise their family. You believe that everything they’ve said is BS, and they’re really having children for ratings? Really? C’mon.

  35. OMG i cant belive that she is pregnant again !!! i mean its great but 20 kids
    its unbeliveable how can she raise all of those kids ???????

  36. OMG i cant belive that she is pregnant again !!! i mean its great but 20 kids
    its unbeliveable how can she raise all of those kids ???????

  37. OMG i cant belive that she is pregnant again !!! i mean its great but 20 kids
    its unbeliveable how can she raise all of those kids ???????

  38. I don’t know why so many people are so upset I think it’s great she is pregnant again they are fit enough and wealthy enough for another child and that’s all that should matter.

  39. What about the impact on the planet of having so many kids? Seriously, if everyone had this many kids we’d totally destroy the earth! What if just her 20 kids had 20 kids each like their parents?? That’s 400 people just from one family alone and in only 2 generations!!!!

    • That argument is so childish and naive. Everyone on the planet doesn’t have 20 kids and never will, so why don’t you grow up a little and come back when you’re ready to make an intelligent statement or argument.

    • I 100% agree
      finally someone who thinks of how this actally affects us and not just JUDGE them and their personal choices

  40. Please don’t be so judgmental. If you saw their show, you would see that she raises 19 children better than most can raise 1. She is a loving, graceful person, who has respect for mothers that only have few children, so do the same for her. She has these children because she had a miscarriage from birth control pills she once used, which is a terrible thing to experience. The buddy system does not enable Michelle to do nothing all day, in fact it only teachers her children to serve others like we all should do. Michelle even educates the children herself, and Jim Bob is able to earn a living where he is mostly home with his family instead of doing an office job. I’m not religious yet I am able to accept and not judge them. They are phenomenal parents and loving people.

  41. I find it ridiculous that people label this family “selfish” when there are “millions of children that need to be adopted out there”. Do you hold the parents of those unwanted children in any way responsible for abandoning their own children? Would you ever consider them to be the “selfish” ones? Probably not.

    • You’ve got to be joking. I mean, come on! You don’t know what happened that those children need an adoptive family. How dare you. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      • You don’t know either. Are you suggesting that ALL kids put up for adoption are there because their parents are selfless? C’mon, don’t be naive.

      • You should learn some facts before you come on here spewing your insults. The MAJORITY of US children awaiting adoption were placed in the foster care system due to parental abuse or neglect. If a parent abuses or neglects their child I feel NO shame when I say that is a “selfish” parent. By the way, there are currently 107,000 US children awaiting adoption out of foster care – that is the real “shame” here.

  42. So. There is either an executive of TLC or a representative of the Dugger ‘enterprise’ here that keeps yelling the same thing about pregnancy complications can happen no matter how many previous pregnancies one has had. Good on you. We get it.

    Also. Get over it. We all judge. And this is an opinion board. It’s implied that we are going to give our judgements.

  43. I am tired of reading all of the posts about how wrong the Duggar’s are for having 20 kids. Have any of you posters actually been around or in a big family? I doubt it. I have. I have been close friends with 3 different families with 10 plus kids. You know the type, fundamental Christian, bible thumping, Jesus loving, gun toting dregs of society. Funny thing is, all the kids are kind, well behaved and love their parents dearly. None of them have needed Ridlin or counseling. No high school dropouts, teen pregnancies, or convicts in the bunch. All that parental neglect you Bozos keep screaming about doesn’t really pan out. Go figure? The Duggars strike me as being much like the families I know. I hope the Duggars have 20 more if it means that we get 20 more God fearing Americans. This country needs as many of them as we can get!

    • I come from a family of 12 and I woud absolutely not recommend it to ANYONE. It’s not right for so many reasons, it’s not natural, it’s not healthy- physically or emotionally.

  44. Perhaps GOD will see fit that Michelle’s body will not fulfill this pregnancy to term. THEN, maybe they will get a clue that 19 kids really is ENOUGH. Michelle & Jim Bob have a pregnancy obsession & I’m really tired of them using God as the reason they let this happen. In fact, I believe she charts her cycles so as to GET pregnant during the peak ovulation times. That ISN’T just letting things happen–that’s purposely trying to get knocked up as often as you can. I seriously hope she suffers some consequences for her stupid choices.

    • i completely agree, its a sign from god when something happens that she WANTS to happen, but when her last kid suffered for months she doesn’t see that sign. so maybe she needs a bigger one.
      i’m sure she charts her cycles too, she’s too old to get pregnant on her own so often.

  45. this is a slap to infertiles!! so if its GODs will for her to have 20 children then why does GOD not want so many infertiles struggling doing rounds of IVF or IUI to not have children? what a bunch of bull

  46. This is bringing glory to Michelle and Jim Bob, not God. Thought Josie was a wake up call to them. Guess they felt the pressure with the Bates having their 19th child. So who will raise these children if Michelle doesn’t survive this pregnancy?

  47. Loveliason is right about Michelle passing her babies off to other children to raise. I’m one of 13 children and the lady that gave birth to me passed her children off to me to raise financial and so on. At the age of three years old the lady that give birth to me would wake me up at night when one of her babies cried and would not let me go back to sleep until the baby went back to sleep. By the time I was 15 years old I was working two jobs and giving the lady that was having all the babies all of the money I earned. Believe me after what I went through raising these children I never wanted to care for or raise no one children.


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