Mariah Carey Shows Off Her Post-Babies Body

Just six months after the arrival of her twins Moroccan and Monroe, musical mama Mariah Carey is back to her pre-baby shape.

The ‘Butterfly’ singer shows off her trim figure on the cover of the new issue of US magazine, revealing that she lost an amazing 30lbs in just 3 months. So how’d she do it? The old-fashioned way, says Mariah: Diet and exercise.

Mariah, who also appeared on OWN’s The Rosie Show yesterday to talk weight loss, explains that she lost 40lbs of her pregnancy weight gain in the first week after giving birth. “It was just water, initially,” she says.

From there she turned to Jenny (formerly Jenny Craig) to lose the remaining 30lbs. Now back to her pre-pregnancy form, Mariah says, “I feel incredible. I’m proud of how hard I worked to get my body back…I had to do this for me.”

Though she did exercise, going for walks with her dogs and doing water workouts, Mariah admits, “The diet is 90 percent of it.” In fact, she is so sold on the Jenny diet plan she’s now become the company’s new celebrity spokeswoman.

“The whole point of this is not just like: ‘Oh, hey, look at me and my weight loss, I’m fantastic,'” says the singer, who was put on bed rest during her difficult pregnancy with the twins. “It’s really health. Like I said, I learned it when I became helpless and felt so vulnerable like never before in my life.”

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    • I was just going to say the same thing! Well, it’s nice to know she probably has stretchmarks like the rest of us.

    • I agree with you! It’s obvious by her belly button that she’s had a tummy tuck! You can even compare the picture in the article with her belly button showing and it looks totally different. It’s annoying that she can’t admit she had plastic surgery and instead tries to say it was all dieting and exercise.

  1. get over it photoshop has been used in hollywood for decades and they did so much of it on her bellybutton because she’s self consious about her c-section scar. Mariah looks wonderful after what pregnancy put her through give credit where it’s due

    • A c-section scar is nowhere near your belly button.

      Her belly button looks like that of someone who had a tummy tuck.

    • Yes,s1top dislikeing what a hard working women has worked for and im sure she has worked for 3 months and look’s great. Let’s be supportive of one another we get enough just being a black women and alive as it is.

    • HaHaHa!! Obviously you’ve never had a c-section. The scar is at the bikini line. Unless she’s not wearing underwear, it wouldn’t show in a photo.

    • I know it’s still you, Courtney. Your obsession with Mariah Carey and lack of punctuation/capitalization gave you away.

  2. Is she in need of money or something because this woman goes to trashy magazines like US and Life & Style every 5 minutes, it’s just sad one would think she was a trashy reality TV show star seeking attention, what next a TV show with her and Nick.

  3. I had twins and it took a few months to get back to pre-pregnancy shape…no stretch marks at all. My c-section scar is only about 10cm long (my girls had acute TTTS so it was an emergency delivery) I think twin pregnancies are different because I did not put on any weight except for babies….it was like the second baby took up everything else and I was “sucked” of everything lol. Maybe I was lucky but I lost it all but I didn’t have time to exercise looking after 2 newborns (ummm no nannies!) Good on her for feeling good about herself as we ALL know how self conscious we feel after a pregnancy, let alone a multiple pregnancy and someone who is constantly critiqued about the way they look.

  4. why can’t these sad women take a leaf out of Pink’s book and just enjoy parenthood. Women are already bombarded with images and articles about losing weight – enough already!

  5. She had to have a tummy tuck. I had twins a couple months after her and I’m naturally little and my stomach looks nothing like that! There is still a wrinkly pouch left over. My dr. even told me that it likely won’t go away, even with exercise, and most women who have multiples end up getting the tummy tuck. No shame in it! I’d totally get one if I wasn’t scared to go under the knife. It’s great that she’s speaking out for Jenny Craig and weight loss but you never hear about the celeb tummy tucks. They should speak out about that too! To reassure women (like me) that sometimes it takes a little more help when you’ve had multiples.

    • You should be able to see a million photos like this one and KNOW that it’s all BS and 9,999 out of 10,000 women will NEVER look like this after giving birth.

      You shouldn’t need a celebrity (with a photoshopped magazine cover) to “reassure women like you” of anything. Stop looking to this fake nonsense for reassurance. Period. Just stop. Because the reality is that your hair will never look as good as hers, your skin will never be as clear as hers, your thighs will never be as tight as hers, your stomach will never be as flat as hers. Her body is an investment for her and she ***MUST*** do whatever it takes to keep it in marketable shape, starving, exercising, surgery, whatever.

      YOU are a normal person with a normal body leading a normal life. If your stomach has a pooch, so be it. It’s a reminder of a blessed event in your life. Don’t sweat the small stuff….. and your stomach pooch is DEFINITELY the small stuff.

  6. Goodness. Some of you are so negative! Congrats to her on her weightloss. I’m not in the public eye and I’m sure I would feel self-conscious after having twins. So kudos. Especially since she discusses eating healthy as the primary focus.

  7. It’s obvious that she had a tummy tuck just by looking at her belly button! Even the picture in the article of her stomach showing back in 2008 her belly button looks totally different. While there’s nothing wrong with plastic surgery if that’s what you choose to do, don’t give all the credit to dieting and exercise if that’s not what led to the end result. But, leave it to her to not admit she had surgery and claim that it was all hard work and dedication!

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