Sarah Michelle Gellar Keeps Charlotte Off The Books

Sarah Michelle Gellar is trying to keep daughter Charlotte, 2, off the books. Away from her collection of rare Dr. Seuss tomes, that is.

“I’ve been working on collecting all first editions,” the Ringer star said. “I’d love to have all the first edition Dr. Seusses but it’s very hard to explain to a two year old that she can’t have that Hop on Pop…’These are mommy’s books!'”

And it seems Sarah’s efforts to keep Charlotte out her home office, where the books are stored, backfired. “I have them in my office, which I keep child locked but I guess they’re only ‘me’ locked,” she laughed. “They give her this weird leverage and she can slam them open and then I’m stuck in the room, trying to get out.”

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    • My mum kept a collection of Beatrix Potter books and gave me the ones she had as a child…. I drew all over them. So it’s a good thing she put the fancy ones away because I know for a fact I’d have ruined them too. I think it’s nice she’s collecting them but maybe she should have some other ones for Charlotte to read (if she doesn’t already).

    • They are collectors items… much like some people collect rare cars even though they never drive them.

      Presumably she has plenty more books Charlotte actually can play with…

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