Amara Miller: George Clooney Wouldn’t Be Good As A Father

George Clooney may be funny, charming, and jaw-droppingly handsome, but he’s not exactly father material. At least, that’s what the child actor who played his daughter in The Descendants thinks!

“Let me just say, he wouldn’t be good as a father,” Amara Miller tells Us Weekly at the movie’s premiere. “He wouldn’t be the best as a father.”

So what is it that Amara sees – or doesn’t see – in Clooney, that so many women have failed to realize?

“George likes being an adult,” she explains. “George has fun being an adult, and I don’t think he would like having kids. I know that he’s not planning on having kids anytime soon.”

While he may not be the daddy-type, Amara says that Clooney was still “really amazing… so fun and [always] playing and fooling around and joking.

“He was just a really phenomenal person to work with,” Miller continues. “[But] we don’t really keep in touch anymore. He’s George Clooney … No one really keeps in touch with him anymore!”

What do you think?

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  1. Men have to be trained to be father while women are just natural mothers, 99% of the time. But in the end they both make great parents. It all just depends if the father is willing to take the training. I’m talking about ADULTS not children do not bring up teenagers into this they are still little kids.

    • That’s the most sexist, offensive thing I’ve read in a long time. I know just as many men who are great, natural parents right from the start as women, and on the flip-side, I know just as many women who don’t feel comfortable with taking care of a baby at first. I think some women just want to believe they start out with an advantage over men. It’s kind of disturbing that people like you need to believe that. It makes me feel very sad for you that you see the world through such a sexist lens.

  2. He has said he doesn’t want kids so it probably comes out in his interaction with kids while being around them. I hope Stacey Kiebler doesn’t want any because she’ll be breaking up with him eventually if she does.

    • I agree. How old is Amara? Why didn’t anyone tell her less is more. One comment would have been fine, ’cause it’s her opinion, but she seemed to go on and on about it. Amara didn’t lie, which is good, but she could have held back a little. I wonder what George thinks of this terrible interview.

      • She’s 11 (Google is your friend).

        Have you ever met an 11-year old who holds back? Give her a break, she’s a child and *should* be allowed to speak her mind.

  3. Why would George thinks of this terrible interview he has said many times in interview that he doesn’t want kids and wouldn’t be a terrible parent but is happy being an uncle to his sister and friends kids.

  4. For a kid, she’s pretty insightful!
    This is my favorite part, “”[But] we don’t really keep in touch anymore. He’s George Clooney … No one really keeps in touch with him anymore!”

  5. Amara is a CHILD——do not forget that. I am SURE George spent LOTS OF TIME with her on the set of this film, and GOT TO KNOW HER PERSONALITY and so he probably isn’t suprised by her commentary, considering all things.

  6. “[But] we don’t really keep in touch anymore. He’s George Clooney … No one really keeps in touch with him anymore!”

    This is an angry and bitter kid. I see a lot of it in LA working in the film business. Clooney has lots of people in his life, but he is selective.

    The movie was completed 19 or more months ago, and nobody in the industry wants to work with Miller. This is her only “acting” credit to date, and she got the job by dumb luck. She has no talent and this may be her only acting job ever.

    I think the kid and her parents are probably very resentful now. They thought it would be easy and they thought they were going to get rich.

    Reality sucks.

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