Connie Britton Adopts A Son: Eyob

Connie Britton is a mom!

The 44-year-old Friday Night Lights star shares the big news with People, saying that she is the very happy new mom of 9-month-old son Eyob, who goes by the nickname ‘Yoby.’ Connie reveals that after a 3-year long adoption process, she finally brought her baby boy home from Ethiopia last week.

“I am thanking my lucky stars every day,” she says, adding that when she first held her new son, “It was such a wonderful moment of completion. I thought I was going to collapse into a puddle of tears. I was just grinning from ear to ear.”


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  1. why Ethiopia? although I have NOTHING against international adoptions, and I understand that it is a very expensive process here in the U.S., however, these actresses don’t seem to have any economical problems, then why wouldn’t they adopt a baby from the U.S.? besides publicity, it really doesn’t make ANY sense to me…there are so many children in this country who could be blessed with a loving home…I just don’t get it! is it easier to go to another country to adopt? I guess so? I don’t know…congrats anyway, because a baby is a baby, but whatever…with so many stories about babies IN THE U.S. being abandoned or abused by SOME foster families, it just doesnt’ make sense, but hey, I guess her publicist told her that Ethiopia sounds better.

    • What stories have there been about abusive foster families? As a foster parent, I am extremely offended by your ignorant comment. Children in abusive and neglectful homes find their first loving family in foster families. You rarely hear about abusive foster families, yet people–who would not open their homes to a child–speak so vocally about the ills of foster care.

    • That is one less child that will be starving or living in an orphanage. Who cares where she adopted him from. She is giving a child that would otherwise probably have a horrible life, a loving family with many opportunities. Oh yeah I’m so sure she only decided to make such a life altering decision just because her publicist told her to. *eye roll*

    • Really? It doesn’t make ANY sense to you? A child in need is a child in need, no matter where they’re from. And I know that Connie Britton is involved with and has been a long time supporter of African charities, including hosting charity events for the African Children’s Choir, and had also been making a documentary about orphans in Ethiopia for the last couple of years. It’s clearly something very close to her heart. It makes sense that she felt the desire to adopt a child there herself. This: “I guess her publicist told her that Ethiopia sounds better.” Is a pretty deplorable thing to say. Shows how little faith you have in humanity.

      Anyways, congrats to Connie and the new baby!

      • And she’s also done a lot of work for CAN – Children’s Action Network, which is an organization dedicated to finding homes for children in the United States. So it’s not like she doesn’t care about American orphans either *rolls eyes* Some people.

    • There are other considerations besides money. Adopting domestically carries a risk that the birth mother will change her mind and take the baby back. Much less of a risk of that with international adoption. Also less of a chance that that the birth mother will want to be involved with the child’s life, if that’s something you don’t want to happen. Also less risk of drugs or alcohol exposure before birth.

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