January Jones & Xander: Brentwood Checkup

New mom January Jones was seen with her 2-month-old son Xander in Brentwood, Calif. on Thursday (November 17). The Mad Men star was accompanied by a bodyguard and a nanny as she took her sweet son to a doctor’s appointment for a checkup.

The blonde beauty – who has remained mum on the identity of Xander’s father – looks incredibly svelte just weeks after the birth of her first child.

It seems that her pregnancy cravings didn’t put on too much weight for the 33-year-old X Men: First Class star.

We don’t have [Dairy Queen] in L.A., but I was just home visiting my family and I went, literally, every day!” January said during her pregnancy. “I made my dad take me. Pregnant or not, I love Dairy Queen. I usually get a cherry-dipped cone or sometimes I go for a blizzard and a chili dog if I’m really hungry.”

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  1. What is this world coming to – it’s pretty sad that a mother needs to bring a nanny and bodyguard to a doctor’s appointment to safeguard her child from predator-like paparazzi. Shameful….

    • Sorry, but she’s pretty much a nobody. Paps wouldn’t even follow her if she didn’t call them first to let them know where she was going to be.

        • And go a littler farther. Where do they get those number? Under stalker in the phone book? Photographers just know through experience I believe where to go.

          • I dont know if celebs call paps to get their photo taken BUT I would assume that celebs PR team would have numbers of relevant paps in area. Now again I am not saying they do give paps a heads up I am just writing how they would get those numbers.

  2. Wow the woman cant even carry her own child! I could maybe understand getting the nanny to do that if she had other children with her but how hard is it to carry an infant baby in their car seat. It really makes me sick seeing some of these celebs who get their nannies to do everything!
    Even victoria beckham doesnt do that, i have never seen a nanny carry any of the beckham children, david and victoria always are with them.

    • That’s what she’s paying her for!!!! She’s a new mother with no father in the picture and has the financial resources to hire help. Leave her be.

  3. How do you know the nature of the visit — could be a bladder infection, vaccination, etc.

    Highly unlikely that she disclosed this to Guido and all the other sleazy paps.

  4. Seriously! A bodyguard and a nanny for one not very well
    Known mama and her itty bitty baby is way
    Ridiculous! She must have lots of good money to blow! So sad.

  5. Got the money, got the staff, use them. Maybe she’s afraid of stalkers, maybe they have been somewhere earlier and needed the help, or going somewhere afterwards and wants the help. Maybe he’s a driver, not a bodyguard. Anyway, as long as they are paid and not abused more power to her. I often took someone like my mom or sister because they worked cheap I mean free : )

  6. Rumor has it she is a total piece of work and rude to everyone. Her co-stars have been pretty open about saying it. And judging from these pics, they’re right! She looks angry and miserable and yeah, even Victoria Beckham carries around her own baby and this idiot can’t be bothered? She never cracked a single smile and throughout her pregnancy in the pics that were posted on websites and she slept with a married man (most likely!) who fathered this child and that’s why she wont’ say!

    • maybe you would look less than amused and a bit fed up too if you were being pursued and stalked by these creepy, idiotic guys with cameras.

  7. All the people who are making comments about the presence of the nanny would hire a nanny in a heartbeat if they had the money. Jealousy really isn’t very becoming.

    • and I bet the same people (or a large percentage) are the same ones who give other celebs like Gwen Stefani a “free pass” on using the nanny. JJ is not popular on this site for whatever reason(s), and no matter what she does she will be criticized.

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